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Atrasis is a Private Server of Clash of Clans. Not only it has unlimited gems and resources, but it also has some unique features that are available only on this private server. For example, it has All Clan Features including Clan Wars, Clan Capital, and Clan War League. Atrasis also has in-game command options with which you can instantly upgrade your base, troops, and heroes, and you can unlock all skins. Download the latest version of Atrasis from our website for free.

Why Play Atrasis Server?

Atrasis Server APK Latest

If you are looking for a COC Private Server, let me tell you that Atrasis is one of the best servers for you, and here’s why? It has all the original features including raids, CWL, Clan Wars, multiplayer battles, and so many modified features as well. You can use unlimited gems, resources, all hero skins, all scenery, and every feature of a COC Private Server. Also, the main thing here is that Atrasis is getting regular updates from time to time which makes it the best server.

Atrasis APK Details

App NameAtrasis
App Size323 MB
DeveloperTeam Atrasis
Required OSAndroid 4.4+
Total Downloads10 Million+
Last UpdateOct 30, 2023

Atrasis COC Latest Version

Atrasis Servers

Atrasis offers two servers which are Atrasis Original and Ultimate. Both these servers have unique features but just a bit of difference. In the original server, you will have all the features just like the original game but in Atrasis Ultimate, you will have some modified features such as a custom hero and builder base units. Check them out.

Atrasis Original Server

  • Unlimited Gems & Resources Available
  • Latest Version Updated
  • 99.9% Uptime with No Game Lag
  • Safe to install as No Root or Jailbreak is Required
  • Active Community & Support included
  • All Features of the Original Game

Atrasis Ultimate Server

  • Unlimited Gems, Gold, Elixirs, Dark Elixirs
  • Available Latest Version
  • 99.9% Server Uptime (No Game Lag)
  • No Root or Jailbreak Required (Safe to play)
  • Active Community & Support Available
  • Many Extra Features (Nita hero, BB units)

Main Features of Atrasis

Unlimited Gems & Resources

Unlimited Gems and resources are the main features of Atrasis. With gems, you can upgrade your base easily, we all know. Also, there is no need to spend hours filling the gold & elixir storages now.

All Clan Features

In Atrasis, you can create or join clans and invite your friends too. It has all the Clan features including Clan Wars, CWL, Clan Games, and Clan Capital. You can join clans if you wish to use these features, they are fun to play.

In-Game Commands

Atrasis is famous for its in-game commands. There are more than 10 commands available in the game. You can open the menu to open the commands section. Some of the commands are the following.

  • Maximize troops/spells
  • Maximize hero levels
  • Attack my base
  • Maximize my village
  • Attack generated base, etc…

Global Chat

Clash of Clans removed the global chat a long ago due to many issues but we all missed it, and even today, we miss it. But you can try Atrasis if you are into this feature. Global chat is available on this server with more features. Now, you can do moderated chat, share base designs there, and share tips & tricks, and talk to people.

99.9% Uptime

You probably have played a COC Private Server with unlimited gems and faced a lot of connection issues, well, that’s not gonna happen if you play Atrasis. The server uptime is really good and you won’t face server lag or connection errors.

No Root or Jailbreak Required

There is no root or jailbreak required to play Atrasis on your smartphone. Hence, it’s safe to install & download. The requirements for playing Atrasis are a few, you will need an Android device to play the game. The iOS version of Atrasis is in progress and you all will be notified once it’s available.

Active Community

Playing a private server with an active community is a blessing. Atrasis has an active community and the player count is in the millions. You will love joining clans and inviting players too.

Comparison Atrasis VS Clash of Clans

FEATURESAtrasisClash of Clans
All Clan Features
Unlimited Gems & Resources
Unlocked All Troops
Max Town Hall Level
Unlocked Heroes Skins
Gold Pass Unlocked
Goblin Stages/Practice Matches
Play With Friends

Quick Installation Guide

If you have downloaded Atrasis, then it is the installation, that’s left. People who have not installed third-party APKs should read this guide because downloading games outside Play Store and installing them requires you to enable “Unknown Source Installation”. Check out the following steps.

  1. Download the Atrasis Server APK file on your Android mobile. You can download Atrasis Original or Ultimate, or you can try both of them.
  2. Now, as the file finishes downloading, you have to open your file manager.
  3. Find the APK file in your download folder and open it.
  4. Enable installation from an unknown source by tapping yes,
  5. Now, tap on the install button and wait.
  6. Atrasis is successfully installed on your device.
  7. Enjoy & share this game with your friends.

Atrasis COC Latest Version

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atrasis?

Atrasis is a Clash of Clans Server with unlimited gems & resources. It also provides unlimited medals, gold pass, hero skins & village sceneries for free. Additionally, some custom heroes & troops are also added to its Ultimate server.

How to update Atrasis?

You can visit our website to update the Atrasis game. We regularly update the latest version of the Atrasis APK. You can download and install it to update it to the latest version.

Are Clan Capital & raids available in Atrasis?

Yes, it’s available. You can join clans and contribute capital gold to upgrade the capital bases. Also, you can start capital raids to attack other clans’ capitals, raid their capital gold, and earn medals. Then you can use those medals to buy potions or other items from the weekly deals.

Atrasis Server is safe to install?

It is safe to install. It doesn’t require you to root the device and has no malware or virus in its code. It’s well-checked. Also, as it’s a private server, playing it will not ban your main account.

Do I need to uninstall the original COC to install Atrasis?

Nope, there is no need to. Atrasis and official COC are two different apps with different package names. Thus, you can install them alongside each other.


Atrasis – Clash of Clans Server is a must-use server if you want to play Clash of Clans with unlimited gems and money. It has all the original features and you will definitely love playing this game with updated features. Also, the Atrasis community is active and you will enjoy pushing your trophies too in the leaderboards. You can download Atrasis from our website easily, if find any issues, contact us.

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