Brawl Stars APK v52.183 + Private Server (Unlimited Gems)

Let me be clear, are you here for Brawl Stars Private Server APK? Well, on this website, you can get all the information about Supercell’s Brawl Stars and its Private Server as well as you can download the latest version. For your kind info, a private server is completely different than the original. You can’t find it on official app stores but NullsBrawl.Org is a trusted source for it. So, read this article to know everything about this private server as well as its latest updates. Also, download the safest Brawl Stars APK from here.

Why Play Brawl Stars Private Server?

Brawl Stars Private Server

You can play on a Brawl Stars Private Server if you wish but why? Well, it is simple, the private servers are safe to play and there’s no ban on your main ID because they have a different server. The main advantage of playing a private server is some extra features. Speaking of Brawl Stars Private Server APK, it has unlimited gems, resources, all brawlers, all skins, new updates, online support, and so many more features. All players who wish to play with all the brawlers/skins can try this server, it’s secure.

Brawl Stars Private Server Details Table

App NameBrawl Stars
App Size426 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.0+
Total Downloads500 Million+
Last Update1 day ago

Brawl Stars Private Server Latest Version

Main Features of Brawl Stars Private Server

Unlimited Resources

Gold and gems are the main resources in Brawl Stars but collecting them require a lot of effort in the private server, you can have unlimited resources and you don’t have to worry about them. There’s unlimited gold and gems to do all your tasks.

All Brawlers Unlocked/Max Level

There are 60+ brawlers in the game and unlocking each one of them takes years but if you wish to use all of them, you can try the private server. Also, there’s one thing, all the brawlers have multiple levels so players have to upgrade to make them stronger in attributes. But in a private server, you don’t need to because all the brawlers are all max level already.

Every Brawler’s Skin Available

There are hundreds of skins available that you can customize to give your brawler an amazing look. To unlock you will need so many gems but in a private server, you will get all the skins unlocked.

Regular/Fast Updates

In the official server, updates take place from time to time to bring new features including brawlers, skins, and so much more. In the private server, you can also enjoy fast updates but not that fast. Still, Null’s Brawl (the best Private Server of Brawl Stars) has all the brawlers, skins, and the newest updates.

Various Multiplayer Modes

There are 8+ game modes available on this private server. You can play them in multiplayer and with friends too.

Community Forum For Help

If you find any issues regarding new updates, features, etc. you can report them in the community forum of Brawl Stars Private Server. The devs are happy to help.

Save Your Progress

Saving your progress is a hard thing when speaking of private servers but not in this case. You can try Null’s brawl if you wish to save your progress because there’s an option of “Null’s Connect”. From there, you can sign up and save your in-game progress on cloud service. So, whenever you uninstall the private server and later install it, you can access your old data.

No Root Required/Safe To Play

There’s no root or jailbreak required to play Brawl Stars Private Servers. They are safe to play as well as install on Android devices. If you are having any issues installing this game, you can read the installation guide or contact us.

Comparison Original VS Brawl Stars Private Server

FEATURESBrawl Stars Private ServerBrawl Stars
Unlimited Gems & Coins
Unlocked All Brawlers
Max Brawlers Levels
Unlocked All Skins
Unlocked Gadget, Star Power, and Gear
All Game Modes Available
Play With Friends
Unlocked Brawl Pass
Team & Clubs

About Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a top-perspective, 3v3 Multiplayer battle royale game. It is offered by Supercell and has so many downloads on mobile devices. In this game, you can choose from 60+ brawlers and acquire their gorgeous skins to play in multiplayer battles with your friends. There are tons of modes available to play and you can also climb the leaderboards and push your trophies. Here’s the link to their official website.

Pros and Cons of Brawl Stars Private Server


  • Unlimited resources, all brawlers, skins, etc. features
  • Good Server with 99% uptime
  • New Features available
  • No root required
  • Small in size
  • Support old Android devices


  • Slow Updates
  • Multiplayer battles loading is bad sometimes
  • You may lose your account

Quick Installation Guide

If you have downloaded Brawl Stars Private Server APK, then it is the installation, that’s left. People who have not installed third-party APKs should read this guide because downloading games outside Play Store and installing them requires you to enable “Unknown Source Installation”. Check out the following steps.

  1. Download the APK file on your Android mobile.
  2. Now, as the file finishes downloading, you have to open your file manager.
  3. Find the Brawl Stars Private Server APK file in your download folder and open it.
  4. Enable installation from an unknown source by tapping yes,
  5. Now, tap on the install button and wait.
  6. This game is successfully installed on your device.
  7. Enjoy & share this APK with your friends.

Brawl Stars Private Server Latest Version

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Brawl Stars Private Server?

It is a custom server of Brawl Stars game with unlimited resources and all brawlers. The developers are unknown but you can expect some latest updates. Since 2018, Brawl Stars Private Server is getting new updates. You can play it with the original Brawl Stars too.

Is it safe to install Brawl Stars Private Server?

Yes, you can safely install it on your Android device. There is no virus in it. For extra safety, you can scan the file with an antivirus app.

Is there a root required to install this APK?

There is no root required. But if you have a rooted Android device, don’t worry. You can play it on rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices.

What are the best features of Brawl Stars Private Server?

Brawl Stars Private Server has many exciting features. Some best features are:
1. Unlimited Resources supported.
2. Commands are available.
3. Unlocked All Brawlers and Skins.
4. Multiplayer Support.
5. You can play with your friends.

What Gamers Say About Brawl Stars Private Server?

Brawl Stars Private Server is the most enjoyable multiplayer experience for a private server on an android device anyone could possibly ask for. The features are great, fun, and surprisingly updated. All game modes, challenges, and battle passes, etc. features are available. Most importantly, you can play with all brawlers.

Princess Libi

Brawl Stars Private Server is the best game I’ve played for years. The brawlers skins are designed so beautifully. Each brawler is unique and fun to play. The new updates doesn’t take long also. I only wish they keep this server active for eternity.

George R.


Brawl Stars Private Server APK is the best choice for you if you wish to try all the brawlers and skins. It’s safe to install and play as well. So, what do you think? Hope, you have got all the information on this page. BTW, you can visit us anytime for news and updates about these private servers. We keep it updated.

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