What’s New in Brawl Stars Update v49.194?

Hello, my Super Brawler Friends. Recently, Brawl Stars released a new update introducing Catalog, new currency, season, Chromatic brawler, and skins. To keep all the Brawl players updated with this new update, Brawl Stars developers also released the latest version 49.194. Players can enjoy the news features with unlimited resources from the get-go. In this article, we are gonna explain all the new features and brawlers introduced in the game. 

Catalog – Buy Any Skin, Pin, Spray & Profile Pic Anytime

Credit: Brawl Stars

In the older versions, the shop had the Skin and Star Skin section featuring two Star Skin every week. Now, that section is removed and Catalog is introduced where players can buy their favorite skins, pins, sprays, and profile icons. 

In the Catalog, all the skins, pins, and other cosmetic items are well-categorized by their rarity, theme, or brawler. Players can select any brawler, for instance, Tara, then it will show all the skins, Pins, Profile icons, and Sprays related to Tara. 

They can choose any skin theme or skin series like Power League, Retropolis Nights, The Worst Bunch, Action Heroes, BT21, Mecha Squad, etc., and then it will only show related skins. And of course, you can buy any of them. Pins are also categorized by their rarity. You can buy them using the gems or new in-game currency Bling. 

Good Point of Catalog?

In the older versions, whenever BS released new skins, it made them available only for a limited time. After that, no one knows when they would be available. But now, players don’t have to wait for their favorite skins to come into the shop. They can buy any skin anytime they want from the newly introduced Catalog.

New In-Game Currency – Bling

Credit: Brawl Stars

In this update, Brawl Stars replaced the Star Points with the new currency named Bling. Star Points were used to buy only Star Skins. It was so limited in use for that reason. However, Blink has so many uses in this new update. Not only players can use the Blings to buy Skins, but also Pins, Profile Icons, Sprays, and Emotes. All skins except Club Series & Legendary can be purchased using the Blings.

So, how can you earn Blings? It’s pretty simple just like the Star Points. You can collect them from Brawl Pass & Power League, at the end of the season when the trophy resets, and when your brawlers reach certain ranks. 

New Epic Hero – Hank

Credit: Brawl Stars

Hank is a new upcoming tank hero in the Brawl Stars. However, it’s already been released in this Null’s Brawl update. So, you can play with Hank to blast away the enemies with torpedoes. Hank rides his oversized stylized tank installed with fish torpedoes. Below, we have explained his Attack, Super, Gadgets, and Star Powers.


His attacks are chargeable balloon blasts that deal splash area damage. His tank blows a balloon when you tap and hold the attack button. The longer you hold the button, the bigger the balloon. The balloon blasts on releasing the attack button and deals 540-2000 damage (at Hank level 1) in the covered area. It also ignores the obstacles. So, enemies won’t be able to hide behind the obstacles. 


His SUPER launches six Fish Torpedoes in all directions, each dealing 1000 damage (at Hank level 1) to the enemies. 


Water Balloons – The next balloon blast will slow the enemies for 3 seconds. 

Barricade – For the next 3 seconds, Hank will take 40% less damage. 

Star Power

It’s Gonna Blow – This Star Power increases Hank’s movement speed by 20% when his balloon is charged over 80%. 

Take Cover – When near a wall, Hank will take 20% less damage.

New Chromatic Hero – Maisie

Credit: Brawl Stars

Maisie is the new chromatic hero of this Season 18 – The Hero Rescue. She is a marksman with a long attacking range and normal reload speed & movement speed. 


Maisie uses her Pressure Rockets to attack her enemies. She shoots rockets in a straight line and the speed of her rockets increases over distance. Also, the rockets can be blocked by walls & obstacles. The damage per rocket is 1280 (at power level 1) to 1940 (at max power level). 


Her Super is called Shockwave. Upon using the Super, Maisie charges and then releases a shockwave around her in a short range, dealing 1240 damage (at power level 1) to 1860 (at max power level) to all the enemies within its range. The shockwave also pushes all the enemies away from her. Enemies behind the walls or obstacles will be affected too. 


Disengage – On use, Mashie blasts the ground around her while dashing backward. Enemies in the blast zone will be stunned for 0.5 seconds. 

Finish Them – Mashie instantly reloads 1 ammo on using this gadget and enhances her next attack. The next attack will deal extra damage equal to 30% of the enemy’s missing HP.

Star Power

Pinpoint Precision – At the maximum attacking range, rockets will deal 10% extra damage. 

Tremors – Enemies hit by Maisie’s Super Shockwave will be slowed for 2 seconds. 

New Skins & Theme

Credit: Brawl Stars

New Season, New Theme, and New Skins. Brawl Stars never disappoints its players when it comes to new skins & themes. In this update, too, many stunning skins are added with a new theme. Take a look below to know which skins are added to the game. 

Rumble Jungle Heroes – New Theme

In this new theme, a unique cosmetic set for Colt, Buster, and Max is released. Each set contains a unique skin, profile icon, and a spray. The skins are as follows:

  • Bananas Colt
  • Crocodile Buster
  • Leopard Max

Other New Skins

These are the new skins that players can buy using gems & bling in the shop. 

  • Biker Carl
  • Goblin Card
  • Blackbird Edgar
  • Bubblegum BIBI
  • Kaiju Buzz
  • Leo The Stray
  • Valkyrie Janet

In the end

Thanks for visiting, guys. In this article, we have explained all the new features that were introduced in the latest version of Brawl Stars. And in my opinion, it is by far the best update. The Catalog in the shop eliminates most of the problems related to the availability of skins, pins, sprays, and profile icons. It includes a complete list of all the cosmetic items, and you can buy them using gems & blings. Waiting for them to be available again in the shop like the old versions is not gonna happen. 

In the new season 18, a chromatic hero named Maisie is available and an epic hero Hank will be released later in the official game. However, you can play with them in the Brawl Stars. That’s all for this update. Thanks again for reading the post. Have a nice day!

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