Builder Base 2.0 Update & Changes | Introducing Builder Hall 10

Builder Base 2.0 was recently released in the Clash of Clans. There are currently 10 Builder Halls in it and the latest is Builder Hall 10 which followed the release of Builder Base 2.0. With tons of new updates, changes, and patches, welcome to this article from about Builder Base 2.0 Full Patch Notes & Changes.

Hey there, do you playing Clash of Clans and its Builder Base? Well, there are so many players who really love Builder Village instead of the Home Village. There are many similarities in troops and defenses but still, for some, the builder base is just so amazing. And speaking of the newest update of Builder Base 2.0 and Builder Hall 10, you can sit, relax, and read while we explain the new update of Clash of Clans.

In the newer update, lots of things have changed, some troops’ names are changed such as Super P.E.K.K.A is now known as Power P.E.K.K.A. Now, we have a new mode in Cannon Cart which will change it to a Mortar and attack heavily on its targets (but only in ground mode). Also, the Master Builder can now be equipped with an Air Machine known as Battle Copter which can be unlocked at Builder Hall Level 8. A new troop: Electrofire Wizard is also available on BH10 and you can read this article to know all the details about Builder Hall 10 and Builder Base 2.0!

Introducing Builder Hall 10

Introducing Builder Hall 10

Builder Hall 10: A newest Builder Hall is released in the Builder Base in Clash of Clans. It’s Builder Hall 10 with the newest features. You can upgrade your Builder Hall today if you are on BH9 right now. Speaking of new defenses, a new defense X-Bow and a new troop, Electrofire Wizard is also available with this new builder hall update.

Builder Hall 10 Stats:

  • Upgrade Cost: 4.8 Million Builder Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 7 days
  • Builder Gold Storage Capacity: 1.5 Million Builder Gold
  • Builder Elixir Storage Capacity: 1.5 Million Builder Elixir
  • Hit Points (HP): 2750

Builder Hall 10 Unlockables:

  • Unlocks: 1x Mine, 1x X-Bow
  • New Defense: X-Bow
  • New Troop: Electrofire Wizard
  • Troops Upgrade to level 20
  • New Building levels
  • Hero Machines Upgrade Level 35

A Major Change in Bonus Loot & Multiple Stage Attacks


In the old Builder Base, the bonus loot was limited to three wins but now, a new reward system is available known as Builder Base Star Bonus. It has two types: Bronze Stars (You get by defeating Stage 1) and Silver Stars (you get by defeating Stage 2). I will explain these Stage 1 and Stage 2 later, in this article. For Short, Let me say that the builder base now has 2 stages in battles. So, the opponent has to clear both stages (bases) to get maximum loot. Both stages with 100% will give you a total of 6 stars and 200% destruction. Players can get 3 bronze and 3 silver stars and it will affect their bonus loot. The second stage is only available for players with Builder Hall Level 6 or higher.

Multiple Attacks in BB 2.0: This is the newest feature of Builder Base 2.0 where players have to do multiple attacks to get the 100% reward, Oh sorry! 200% rewards. Players with Builder Hall 6 or higher can move defenses to another stage. This feature is not available for the below builder hall 6 players. In the newer stage, players can do their best in defense to stop players from getting 200% destruction.

Gold Elixirs Rewards: When you will attack a player, the better you do and get as many stars as you can will grant you more rewards as gold while the better you defend will give you more elixirs as a reward.

B.O.B – A New Builder

B.O.B - A New Builder

B.O.B has been replaced by O.T.T.O in the newer Builder Base. You can unlock B.O.B after reaching Builder Hall 9. Players who have unlocked O.T.T.O in the older village will automatically get B.O.B and they don’t have to unlock him. For new players, to unlock him, you will need to complete some missions, they are the following:

  • Complete 3 Gear Up upgrades
  • Upgrade any Troop to level 18
  • Upgrade any Defense to level 9
  • The total upgrade level of all Heroes must be at least 45.

Troop Abilities

Troops’ Abilities are changed in the Builder Base 2.0 and in the newer update of Clash of Clans. Some troops now have added 1-time abilities which can be triggered by tapping on the troop icon. Check the following Troops’ Abilities.

  • Raged Barbarian
    • Passive Ability: Rage – This ability will increase the speed and damage for the first 22 seconds.
  • Sneaky Archer
    • Passive Ability: Cloak – It will make the archers invisible for the first 11 seconds.
  • Boxer Giant
    • Passive Ability: Power Punch – When you deploy the giant, his first attack will deal more damage.
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Boxer Block – This is a new feature, tap on the ability to see the effect. Once activated, the Boxer Giant will surround himself with a shield.
  • Beta Minion
    • Passive Ability: Power Shot – When you deploy the minion, his first attack will have a longer range and extra damage. It will also damage fast.
  • Bomber
    • Cooldown Ability: Bouncing Bomb – Bomber has a cooldown ability, you can use it as many times as you want. But it has a cooldown so keep that in mind. Once activated, the Bomber will deploy a larger bomb which will bounce twice and deal high damage to walls.
  • Baby Dragon
    • Passive Ability: Tantrum – When alone in the air, the damage will increase.
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Fiery Sneeze – You can only use this ability one time, when used, the Baby Dragon will sneeze fire in front and deal damage.
  • Cannon Cart
    • Mode Switch Ability: Now Cannor Carts can change their modes to mortar as well as cannon carts. Once you change its ability, it will attack at a short distance but with higher damage.
  • Night Witch
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Bat Swarm – Night Witch will summon a swarm of bats that will deal extra damage for a few seconds.
  • Drop Ship
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Skeleton Bomb – It will drop a bomb according to its position. It will damage extra damage to walls and summon skeletons in the area.
  • Power P.E.K.K.A (formerly Super P.E.K.K.A)
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Overcharge – In the new update, we can manually activate Power P.E.K.K.A’s explosive ability. It will damage higher around her.

What’s New in Builder Base 2.0?

What's New in Builder Base 2.0?

Changes in Walls

There’s a major change in the Walls in Builder Base 2.0 Update. You can upgrade walls one by one just as in the Home Village (unlikely in the old builder base where you have to upgrade five walls at once). It will help you if you are short on resources.


X-Bow is the newest defense building and can be unlocked on Builder Hall 10. Just like the Home Village X-Bow, it has two modes, air, and ground. You can’t do while in the attack, so choose wisely, before setting your base. The ground mode of X-Bow will only attack ground units such as Sneaky Archer, Raged Barbarian, Boxer Giant, etc. while the air mode will attack Beta Minion, Baby Dragon, Battle Copter, etc.

  • Purchase cost: 4.4M Builder Gold
  • Build time: 7 days
  • Range: 12 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground/Air (depending on mode)
  • Favorite target: Any

O.T.T.O’s Outpost is the home for O.T.T.O. It is a new building in Builder Base 2.0 which can be unlocked once you have Builder Hall 6. The Outpost is like the Builder Hall and is the main building in Stage 2. Destroying it will give you one star.

  • Unlocks at BH6
  • Can be upgraded to level 10 at BH10
  • Signature Ability – When O.T.T.O’s Outpost is destroyed, a swarm of Zappies will emerge and continue attacking any enemies nearby.

Reinforcement Camp is the newest feature that works with the Second Stage of battle. You can select it before the battle starts. Once you have cleared Stage 1 with your regular army, you will be able to change the army before the battle of Stage 2 starts. Your army won’t change during the attack so keep in mind you can only change it once Stage 1 Finishes.

  • First Reinforcement Camp – Unlocks at BH6 and is already automatically accessible.
  • Second Reinforcement Camp – Unlocks at BH9

Healing Hut can be unlocked at Level 6 when the players can play in Stage 2 Battles. This building can be upgraded as well as the upgrade matters a lot. When your troops will fight in Stage 1 and those who survive & complete it, will need the healing to join another fight at Stage 2 of battle. So, Healing Hut will come to work, the upgraded Healing Hut will heal the troops most while the less upgrade will heal less.


Electrofire Wizard is the newest troop in Builder Base. It can be unlocked once you have Builder Hall 10 and the upgraded barracks level 12. Usually, Wizards have larger damages and so does it. And the special thing is that this wizard has two modes, Inferno mode, and Electo mode.

  • Inferno Mode – In this mode, the Electrofire Wizard will shoot a single beam with damage increasing over time.
  • Electro Mode – In this mode, Electrofire Wizard will attack slowly but the attack will bounce on multiple targets.

Electrofire Wizard Stats:

  • Unlocks at Builder Hall level: 10
  • Starts at level 17
  • Favorite target: Any
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Units per camp: 1
  • Spring weight: 14
  • Movement speed: 22
  • Modes: 2 Modes (Inferno/Electro)

Hero Changes

Battle Copter: With special customization, now Master Builder can ride a machine that travels in the air. You can choose this before the battle starts.

Battle Copter Stats:

  • Unlockable at: Builder Hall 8
  • Type: Air
  • Movement Speed: Slow
  • Ability: Drops Bomb

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