Clash of Clans Beginner’s Guide – 10 Tips in 2023

Hey, Clashers! Do you love playing Clash of Clans or just started and don’t know what to do? Well, this Clash of Clans Beginner’s Guide is only for you and gamers like you who recently joined this game. For information, if you don’t know what is Clash of Clans and what you have to do in this game, is simple. Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you have to build your village by looting, collecting, upgrading, attacking, and more.

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In Clash of Clans, when we first start the game we get to know some basics like What is Town Hall? How Attacking Works? How does training work? Etc. But it’s kinda messy as there is no much deeper guide for it for a beginner as Clash of Clans tells players to use gems, but it doesn’t tell that you will gems for buying builder huts (the most important tip!). Well, in this article, I will share 10 tips that will help you if you just installed Clash of Clans on your smartphone and looking for a guide or some tips. Here are the 10 Tips for a new player:

10. Find Villages That You Can Easily Attack

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

Our 10th tip for a Clash of Clans Beginner is that whenever you are fighting in the multiplayer, make sure you Find Villages That You Can Easily Attack. Do not attack tough bases or high-defense bases if you don’t have a proper or good enough army. Also, if you aren’t sure whether you should attack a village or not, have patience. Only attack the villages which are easy to defeat and where you can easily gain resources and earn stars. Getting some stars will help you not lose your trophies and they will help you reach the leaderboards and in higher leagues.

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9. Build a Complete Army and Don’t Rush

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

When you are trying to attack in multiplayer or in war battles, please do not rush. As a Clash of Clans beginner, you should build a complete army before attacking. If there’s an emergency or war attack, then you can use potions to speed up the training time of troops or spells. Also, if you don’t have the potions, you can use gems to complete the troop’s training process. Build a complete army, only then attack! Whenever in a battle, do not rush your troops, drop them carefully with a strategy in your mind. When I was at Town Hall 5, I used to wait a lot & gather more information for a war attack. Patience is the key, keep in mind.

8. Build Those Resource Storages

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

Many new players don’t build resource buildings such as Elixir Storages or Gold Storages, but it is the most crucial part. If you don’t have a resource building, you won’t be able to collect the resources. So, make sure you build them first and do other things later. You can loot resources more efficiently and none of your gold, elixir, or dark elixir will go in vain if you have the max-level storage buildings. Also, remember, if you have all max buildings and your town hall level is not yet upgraded, you might consider doing it, as it will also help you increase the storage capacity of your Town Hall.

7. Use Practice & Single Player Goblin Stages To Loot

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

In Clash of Clans, there are Practice & Single Player Goblin Stages. You can attack them to get resources if you are running short. See, searching a base in the multiplayer requires gold but attacking in goblin stages or practice matches won’t! So, if you are just so so short on gold, you can use practice matches and get some loot from the goblin stages. There are around 90 Goblin Stages (15+ Added New Stages in a new update) which will give you a decent amount of resources.

6. Get All Builders Huts

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

Getting all the builder huts is a must for a Clash of Clans Beginner. If you have all 5 builder huts, you can easily upgrade buildings in the home village. You can assign all your builders to various tasks. You can upgrade Town Hall, Barracks, Spell Factory, Laboratory, etc. five buildings at once. Remember, you will need gems to get all the builders, one by one. So, make sure you don’t waste your gems and keep them safe and collect them from bushes, trees, gem boxes, etc. Once you have all the builder huts, you can spend gems on skins or sceneries.

5. Donate to Clan & Help Clanmates

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

Hey Clash of Clans beginner, do you like to help your clanmates or want to find a forever home for your village where you can build a family and play with trusted members? Well, the secret recipe is earning trust! If you have joined some clans and you probably faced some kicks as well. Well, it’s because of loyalty. To earn respect in the Clan, you just need to show them that you are worthy in the clan. So, make sure you help others by donating. It will also increase your Player EXP. Helping clanmates also helps you to get a promotion as well.

4. Upgrading Troops, Spells, Buildings

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

Upgrading is the most important part of Clash of Clans! If you want to progress in this game, you should have to upgrade your troops, spells, buildings, etc. in your village. You can upgrade Troops & Spells in the Laboratory. And you can upgrade buildings such as Elixir Collector Buildings, Gold Mines, Dark Elixir Drills, etc. Also, there are many defense buildings in Clash of Clans as well which require upgrading as well. If you don’t upgrade your troops, you won’t be able to attack other bases efficiently. While you don’t upgrade your defensive buildings can make your base weak and vulnerable to enemies. Upgrading Troops, Spells, and Buildings is the best tip for a Clash of Clans Beginner.

3. Find a Clan & Complete Clan Games

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

In Clash of Clans, we can find new friends and join a clan where we can talk and help each other. Clan System is one of the best features of this game which lets you join a group of 50 clan members. You can find a clan, or make one, and invite clanmates. When you are in a clan, you can play in Clan Wars, earn resources, and upgrade your clan levels. Also, you can play Clan Games that appear monthly. It will help you get awesome rewards. So, make sure you play Clan Games if you are a beginner.

2. Think Before Attacking A Base

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

In Clash of Clans, attacking matters because when we attack other bases (in the multiplayer mode), we can get trophies and resources. Earning trophies will help us reach upper leagues and they grant us more resources and benefits while getting resources from a base will help us to upgrade troops or buildings in the Home Village. So whenever you wish to attack a base, make sure you think, can you beat the base? Can you get the desired stars? Or are you just there for looting resources? It all starts with a goal. Also, speaking of War Battles, they are so important because a single war attack can change the results. So, make sure you set your goal and train a good enough army before attacking a base.

1. Save Those Gems

Clash of Clans Beginner's Guide Tips

The most important tip is Saving Gems in Clash of Clans and most starters don’t know this yet. When they play the tutorial, the game tells them to use gems and then the players use all their gems without knowing their full features. Let me tell you, only use the gems in the game if you are looking to buy them later with your money. Yes, buying gems will cost you real money. As they are the main in-game purchases for Clash of Clans. So, if you can’t buy gems, do not use them for upgrades that can wait.

For example, you have started upgrading your Town Hall and it requires some days or hours to wait, rather than using gems, please turn off your game and open the game later once the upgrades finish as it will save your gems. So, what to do with the gems? Well, use gems on buying builder huts as they will help you throughout the game whenever you are upgrading a defense building or collector building, or you are upgrading your Town Hall. When you have all the builder huts in the game, you can use gems to buy heroes’ skins which will cost a decent amount of gems. Also, you can use gems to buy those precious sceneries which will change your village’s look completely.

#Bonus Tip: Do Not Attack Lower Town Hall Bases Than You

When you will attack in the multiplayer or in war, do not attack the lower TH Bases because they won’t give you good enough loot or rewards. Speaking of war battles, there are so many COC Players who attack lower town hall bases just for some war stars, this is the most cowardly thing. Do not do this in war, only if there’s an emergency. Do not think of increasing war stars but think of a fair battle. Attack on the same Town Hall Level in war battles or in multiplayer because they will generally provide you with awesome loot.

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