TH16 Update – Introducing Merged Buildings, Equipment & New Troop & Pet

Hello Clashers. The gossiped Th16 is finally here along with lots of new features. Forget about your old tactics & strategies and use lots of new equipment to customize your heroes’ abilities that unlock Pandora’s box of new strategies. Merge those archer towers into one and crush multiple foes with the overwhelming might of a single archer tower. Meet the new pet who is shy to the limit where she turns invisible periodically along with her hero when she sees a crowd on the battlefield. A whole new adventure awaits you in COC with Town Hall 16.

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Town Hall 16

Th15 now can be upgraded to TH16 unlocking a new troop – Root Rider, a new hero pet – Spirit Fox, two new merged buildings, and new levels for defenses, troops, pets & heroes. There are no changes to the Giga Inferno except the damage output and it has only one star, unlike Giga Inferno of TH15 & Giga Tesla of TH13 which has 5-star levels. 

TH16 Giga Inferno
Damage Per Second300
Number of Targets4
Damage When Destroyed1100
Poison Max Damage per Second180
Speed & Attack Rate Decrease50%
Range 10 Tiles
TargetsGround & Air

New Elixir Troop – Root Rider

Root Rider is a new Earth warrior who loves nature. She rides on a tough tree root which can easily smash high-level walls and targets only defenses. You can upgrade the barrack to Level 17 at TH15 to unlock Root Rider.

The following stats are of Root Rider Level 1. You can upgrade her in the lab to increase her HP & DPS. 

Root Rider
Hitpoints (HP)7200
Damage per Second (DPS)210
Damage TypeSingle
Favorite TargetDefenses
Housing Space 20
Movement Speed 12

New Pet – Spirit Fox

Spirito Fox is a new pet with the ability Spirit Walk that turns itself & its hero invisible for a few seconds. It’s a passive ability and takes effect after every 5 seconds. Its stats are:

Spirit Fox
AbilitySpirit Walk (Invisibility to Itself & Its Hero)
Ability Duration3 Seconds (at Level 1)
Damage TypeSingle Target
Movement Speed24
Favorite TargetWithin 4.5 Tiles of Hero

The Blacksmith is Here

The new COC update brings TH16 & new troops for max TH players and something new for TH8 & above players. The Blacksmith. You can build it at TH8. In it, you can unlock new equipment, customize your heroes’ abilities, and upgrade them. 

Now, the hero’s previous abilities are divided into multiple abilities which are upgradable and switchable in the blacksmith. For instance, the Archer Queen’s ability to summon archers & become invisible are now two different abilities. Additionally, two new abilities are added such as the Giant Arrow which shoots a giant piercing arrow that crosses the entire village, and the Healer puppet which summons a flock of healers on Archer Queen.

Brand New Equipment to Customize Your Heroes’ Abilities

14 Common Equipment are introduced in the Clash of Clans, each granting a unique ability to your hero. Some equipment also grants secondary buffs such as increasing DPS & movement speed and recovering HP. You can equip two pieces of equipment with each hero. Below is the full list of all common equipment:

HeroEquipment NameAbility
Barbarian KingBarbarian PuppetSummons Rages Barbarians
Rage VialCast Rage on Barbarian King
Earthquake BootsDestroys Walls & Damages Buildings
Vampstache (Passive)Heals HP with each attack
Archer QueenArcher PuppetSummons Archers
Invisibility VialBecomes Invisible and Enhances Her Attacks
Giant ArrowShoots a Giant Arrow that Crosses the Entire Village
Healer PuppetSummons Healers that Heal the Queen
Grand WardenEternal TomeGrand Warden and troops in range Become Immune
Life Gem (Passive)Increases Max HP of Nearby Troops
Healing TomeHeals Warden & Nearbly Troops
Rage Gem (Passive)Increases Damage of Nearby Troops
Royal ChampionRoyal GemRecovers Royal Champion’s HP
Seeking ShieldThrows Her Shield which Deals Damage to Multiple Defenses

There will also be Epic Equipment with powerful abilities & buffs that you can unlock in the upcoming special events. So, look forward to them. 

Resources to Upgrade Equipment

Every piece of equipment is upgradable which enhances the heroes’ abilities. You can upgrade the common equipment to level 18 and epic equipment to level 27. But you will need new types of resources such as Shiny Ore, Glowy Ore, and Starry Ore. 

Ores NameWhere to FindUsed to
Shiny OresClan Wars & Star BonusesUpgrade All Types of Equipment
Glowy OresClan Wars & Star BonusesUpgrade High Level of Equipment
Starry OresClans Wars & Special EventsUpgrade Epic Equipment Beyond Certain Levels

New Merged Defenses – Ricochet Cannon & Multi-Archer Tower

With Clash of Clans TH16, Supercell introduced the merged defenses feature to strengthen the existing defense instead of buying a new defense. Currently, there are only two new defenses you can form by merging archer towers and cannons – Multi-Archer Tower and Ricochet Cannon. 

Ricochet Cannon

Merging two cannons of the max level creates a ricochet cannon. You can have max 2 Ricochet cannons on TH16. When it shoots a cannonball at an enemy troop, it bounces from the first troop to the second, dealing massive damage to both. 

Multi-Archer Tower

Merging two archer towers of the max level creates a Multi-Archer Tower. It’s a single tower with three archers on top of it. If there are multiple enemies, then each archer targets a different troop, dealing damage to three targets simultaneously. If there is a single enemy, then all three archers will attack it together. 

New Feature – Attack Your Own Base

How many times do you have to wait for someone of your level to test your new attack strategy or your new base? Not anymore. Supercell has added the feature to attack your own base via the friendly challenge. You can attack any of your bases, home village, war base, and builder base as well. Just tap on the Friendly challenge like you always do, select any of your bases, and challenge. Then you can attack on it as well. 

Hero Potion Changes

Previously, the Hero potion was used to upgrade the heroes’ level by 5 levels for an hour. But it has been changed in this update. Now activating the hero potion increases the heroes’ & pets’ level to the max level allowed at your Town Hall level for an hour. It’s a very good potion evolution for rushed players like me whose heroes are of the low level at higher TH.

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