Clash of Lights APK v15.547.10 (Unlimited Resources, Gems)

Clash of Lights is a popular private server of Clash of Clans with unlimited resources. Yes, you heard right, if you are a COC player and wish to use unlimited gems, you can download Clash of Lights APK COC Private Server 2023. Along with just resources, you will get many amazing features. Keep reading this article to get the latest information about this private server.

Why Play Clash of Lights?

Clash of Lights APK

As we know Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy mobile games and has 500 Million+ players. It has some resources which are essential for players to upgrade their village or heroes. Also, it has skins and so many paid features but if you want to use them on a different server (which will be the safest option), you can try playing Clash of Lights. It is one of the best private servers of Clash of Clans aka COC. Clash of Lights has unlimited gems, resources, max heroes, all skins, and so many more features that you will be happy to use.

Clash of Lights APK Details

App NameClash of Lights
App Size294 MB
DeveloperOfficial Lights Server
Required OSAndroid 4.4+
Total Downloads50 Million+
Last Update1 day ago

Clash of Lights Latest Version

Main Features of Clash of Lights

Multiplayer Support

When you play Clash of Lights, you will be able to attack other players’ bases as it supports multiplayer. You can try out your max-level troops & new heroes to defeat others as you do in the official game. Well, the loading time can take a bit longer but still, it’s 100% playable.

Unlimited Gems, Gold, Elixirs

When speaking of resources, people love gems in CoC but they are limited there but here not. You can use unlimited gems and other resources to upgrade your home village and builder base. Whenever upgrading troops or buildings, you can use gems to instantly upgrade them.

Regular Updates

Getting new updates timely is hard for a private server but Clash of Lights gets regular updates. You can enjoy the latest updates on this private server. All new heroes, skins, troops, or town halls can be upgraded easily.

All Heroes Max

Upgrading heroes takes a lot of time for a regular COC player but if you want to use max level king, queen, warden, or royal champion, you can try Clash of Lights. It has all the max-level heroes.

Skins Unlocked

In Clash of Clans, there are four heroes and all of them have so many skins. Hundreds of skins are available right now. Skins completely change the look of your hero and make them gorgeous or amazing. Well, getting all those skins in the original game requires a lot of effort and time but Clash of Lights has all of them. You can use them without any hard work.

Special Scenery Available

COC has 20+ beautiful scenery which is hard to unlock. This scenery changes your home village’s look and gives it a completely different feel. Well, you can just dream of all those sceneries unless you have Clash of Lights on your android smartphone. Because this coc private server has all the scenery unlocked.

Goblin Stages/Practice Matches

You can play Goblin Stages and Practice Matches on this private server. All the stages are fully unlocked also.

Safe/No Root Required

Many people think that downloading Clash of Clans Private Server is not safe, but they are wrong. As Clash of Lights is a private server, it is completely safe to download or install. Also, there is no root required to install the game as well which means, you can play it on a normal device without uninstalling the original game.

Comparison Original VS Clash of Lights

FEATURESClash of LightsClash of Clans
Unlimited Gems & Resources
Unlocked All Troops
Max Town Hall Level
Unlocked Heroes Skins
Gold Pass Unlocked
Goblin Stages/Practice Matches
Play With Friends
Clan & War

Quick Installation Guide

If you have downloaded Clash of Lights, then it is the installation, that’s left. People who have not installed third-party APKs should read this guide because downloading games outside Play Store and installing them requires you to enable “Unknown Source Installation”. Check out the following steps.

  1. Download Clash of Lights APK file on your Android mobile.
  2. Now, as the file finishes downloading, you have to open your file manager.
  3. Find the Clash of Lights APK file in your download folder and open it.
  4. Enable installation from an unknown source by tapping Yes.
  5. Now, tap on the install button and wait.
  6. Clash of Lights is successfully installed on your device.
  7. Enjoy & share this APK with your friends.

Clash of Lights Latest Version

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clash of Lights?

Clash of Lights is a COC Private Server with unlimited resources like elixir, dark elixir, gold, and gems including builder gold & elixir. Also, it has in-game commands that allow you to instantly upgrade troops, spells, heroes, and buildings to the max level. Moreover, all village sceneries & hero skills are unlocked.

How to update Clash of Lights?

You can visit our website to update the game. Search for Clash of Lights using the search feature or navigate to the Clash of Clans category in the header and open the CoL article. There, you can use the download button to get the latest version APK. Then just install it.

Can I play this server with friends?

Yes, you can play with your friends as it supports the clan system & friendly matches. All activities related to clans are available. You can participate in wars, clan war leagues, clan games, and capital raids.

Clash of Lights is safe to install?

It is safe to install because there is no root required or any virus in the game. The APK is well-tested for malware & trojans. It’s completely secure. Also, you can install it alongside the original Clash of Clans.

2023 Updates Available in Clash of Lights?

Yes, all new 2023 updates are available. TH15, 4 new pets, recall spell, spell tower, monolith, electro titan, new skins, and battle drill, all are included. It also has Apprentice Warden and Super Hog.

Will I be banned from using Clash of Lights?

No, it’s just a private server. Your new accounts will be created on its private server which has no connections to your main account & original server. So, you can do whatever you want on this server. Your main account will not be banned.

Do I need to uninstall the original COC to install Clash of Lights?

Nope, there is no need to. You can play both games together. The packages folder of CoL has a different name than the COC’s package folder. And it acts as a new separate app from the COC. So, you can install both of them.

What are the best Clash of Clans Private Servers?

You will come across many COC private servers on the internet, but the following are the best out of them:
1. Clash of Lights
2. Nulls Clash
3. Atrasis COC
4. Clash of Magic
5. Plenix Clash


Clash of Lights 2023 is a great server to try on if you are looking for a COC Private Server. It works pretty well and you & your friends can play on this server together. Well, speaking of new updates, it has all the new updates & the newest troops, heroes, town hall, as well as super troops. Hopefully, you will love this Private Server. Download Clash of Lights today and enjoy this game with unlimited resources and many modified features. Comment down below if you find any issues with the new update or installation.

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