Clash Royale APK v40059001 + Private Server (All Cards Unlocked)

Clash Royale, a strategy game offered by Supercell, is a card-based game where you will enter the 1v1 multiplayer mode. Choose the best cards and make a battle deck to defeat your opponent. Destroying your opponent’s King & Princess Towers will give you a win. But make sure you don’t spend too much time in the battle as there’s a time limit. Keep reading this article to know more about Clash Royale and its Private Server.

Why Play Clash Royale Private Server?

Clash Royale Private Server

There is a reason why you should play Clash Royale Private Server and that is unlimited gems. In the private server, you will get unlimited resources, all cards & emotes unlocked, regular updates, multiplayer battles, and much more. As we know, earning gems is so hard in the original game but no worries in the private server, anyone can use gems to open chests, buy new cards, etc. Along with that, Clash Royale Private Server also has the max tower level as well as max all cards levels. We are providing the latest version of the private server too and you can download it for free.

Clash Royale Private Server APK Details

App NameClash Royale
App Size236 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.0+
Total Downloads20 Million+
Last Update1 day ago

Clash Royale Private Server Latest Version

Main Features of Clash Royale Private Server

Clash Royale Private Server features

Unlimited Resources

The main resources in the game are Gems and Gold. Both of them are hard to earn but not on the private server. Because, in the Private Server, you can play the game with unlimited resources (gems/gold). You can buy a lot of chests, upgrade all cards, and unlock everything also.

Multiplayer Battles

Without multiplayer battles, Clash Royale is no fun at all. It has 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer modes. You can play solo or with your friend. It offers so much excitement if you play with friends. Well, the good news is that on the private server, you can play multiplayer battles as well. Also, you can earn trophies to reach new arenas and even the top positions in the leaderboards.

All Cards Unlocked

There are 109+ cards in the game but unlocking them one by one takes years. But in the private server, all the cards are available and unlocked for free. As there are many rarities of cards including common, rare, epic, legendary, etc. Thes high-rarity cards are so hard to find and so many players wish to use these awesome cards, but they can’t because it requires so much time to get them from chests, unless you buy them from gems. In the private server of Clash Royale, you can use any of the cards in your battle deck.

Tower Skins Available

There are 20+ tower skins available in the game but unlocking them is hard. Don’t worry, try this private server, it has all the tower skins available. You can use any skins in battles too.

All Emotes Unlocked

There are 100+ emotes are in the original game but unlocking them requires a lot of effort. But in this private server, you will get all the emotes for free. Use them in battles to enjoy communicating with your opponent. With emotes, Clash Royale feels so funny and awesome.

Play With Friends

Clash Royale can be played with friends and so the private server. Join or create a clan, invite your friends, play together in 2v2 multiplayer battles, or just enjoy friendly battles. You can also chat with them in the clan.

Regular Updates

In this private server, there are regular updates. It means you can access all the new cards and emotes. While updates are a bit slow here but it doesn’t mean, there will be either. Right now, in the latest version of Clash Royale Private Server, you can enjoy all the new & latest cards, tower skins, champions, emotes, etc.

Comparison Original VS Clash Royale Private Server

FEATURESClash Royale Private ServerClash Royale
Unlimited Gems & Gold
All Cards Unlocked
Max Level Towers
Unlocked All Emotes
All Game Modes Available
Play With Friends
Clan System

Pros and Cons of Clash Royale Private Server


  1. Can use unlimited gems, coins
  2. All cards are unlocked
  3. all emotes are available
  4. max towers level
  5. multiplayer support
  6. all tower skins


  1. updates are slow
  2. most of the new features are not available

Quick Installation Guide

Installing this Private server on Android is so easy and if you don’t know how to do it, check out these installation steps.

  • Firstly, download the APK from our website.
  • Secondly, scroll down the notification bar to open the file for installation or open it from the file manager.
  • As this is a third-party app, you will need to enable unknown source installation.
  • Now, the third step is to just tap on the Install button.
  • The game is finally installed on your device, enjoy playing it, also, you can share it with your friends.

Clash Royale Private Server Latest Version

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clash Royale’s private server?

A Clash Royale’s Private Server is a different server that isn’t controlled by Supercell. It means, in the private server, the developers can add features like unlimited gems, coins, currency, etc. Speaking of Clash Royale’s private servers, such as Null’s Royale, Plenix Royale, etc. You can play it with unlimited gems, all cards unlocked, all tower skins unlocked, all emote packs unlocked and many cool features that a Clash Royale fan will be eager to use.

Is Clash Royale Private Server safe? Does it get new updates?

Yes, it’s completely safe to install. But make sure you only download it from trusted websites such as,, and at last Speaking of new updates, yes, the server gets new updates from time to time but don’t be so much excited. This is a private server and the updates will be late or sooner, there is no exact time.

Can I download the Private Server for PC?

Right now, it is only available for Android devices but if you wish to play it on a PC, you can install Bluestacks or any other emulator. Also, if you are thinking about the iOS version, no, it’s not for iOS too.

Can I play Clash Royale Private Server with my friends?

You can easily play this game with your friends but they also need to install the same server. Then you both can log in and select each other as friends. You can also play 2v2 battles along with your friend.

What Gamers Say About Clash Royale Private Server?

It’s an amazing private server, so addictive and competitive as well. You can play it on any android device with a lot of fun. Everyone can enjoy playing battles with all max cards too. What I love the most, is that you can save your game progress.

Jassi Yong

Clash Royale private server is a nice game with unlimited gems, all cards unlocked, all skins, emotes, etc. You will have fun playing this game if you love the original game. Download it today and enjoy with your friends too. Also, there are no ads in the game which makes it so amazing.

Keshi Ma


The private server of Clash Royale is indeed an amazing game. You will love it if you are a fan of the original. With all the max cards, emotes, troops, gems, coins, and everything, there’s a lot of fun in this game. What do you think of this game? Tell us in the comments section, Have a good day, guys!

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