Mastering Clash Royale: 2023 Essential Tips for Beginners

Hi there, looking for some essential tips for Clash Royale? You are welcome. With these tips, you will take a step forward becoming a master of Clash Royale. These tips won’t make you a professional player but these tips will only help you become one. In this article, you can find some of the best tips, shared by pro players of Clash Royale. Before getting started, let’s explain Clash Royale a bit.

Clash Royale is a strategy and card battle game where you enter an arena with a real-time opponent. You will have your battle deck and so the opponent will. There will be a clock in the corner and both players will drop units (totally depends on the player & elixirs they have). The first player who destroys the King Tower before the timer stops (middle one) will win the match. If none of the players have destroyed any tower, will end up a tie after gaining some extra seconds of time. Here are some of the essential tips for Clash Royale beginners.

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15. Join A Clan

In Clash Royale, you can join a guild or clan where you will find real players. Joining a clan will give a player the ability to request and donate cards and complete clan battles or wars once their King level is 6. If you are in a clan, you can chat with your clan mates and ask for their advice too.

14. Save Your Resources

Do not spend gems opening chests in Clash Royale only if there is an emergency. Save your resources such as gems and gold to buy exclusive chests such to buy legendary cards or buy cards from shops that you need. You can save resources and wait for a perfect time.

13. Balance Your Deck For Air/Ground Units

When you create a deck in Clash Royale, you can choose from a variety of cards such as air units, ground units, tower buildings, etc. I’ll say that please balance your decks. If you have cards like Lava Hound, Balloon, etc. So, make sure you have minions, arrows, etc. cards to defeat your opponent. Balance your cards with air as well as ground units!

12. Be Offensive & Defensive & Learn Counter

Learning counter in Clash Royale is so essential and one of the best beginner tips. If you are just into attacking, an opponent with better defense will easily defeat you. So make sure you know how to counter various enemy troops’ cards. If someone is dropping giant, witch, etc. then you should know which card will give a better counter. Also, as the past tip #13 shows to balance your deck for air and ground units, you take good care of it.

11. Use Emotes To Distract Your Opponent

Using emotes in Clash Royale can be funny and disturbing. When we do a mistake and the opponent uses an emote, gives us so much frustration. So, you can use them to distract enemies. But don’t get too used to it. Only use them when needed because they can distract you as well. One wrong move in Clash Royale can decide the result of the game.

10. Destroy Princess’s Towers First

There are three towers on both sides in Clash Royale. Two Princess’ Towers and one King’s Tower. To win the battle, you will need to destroy the King’s Tower but I will recommend don’t think about the King first. Go for the princess’s towers. Because they have low hitpoints and are easy to destroy. Once you have defeated the princess’s towers, you can aim for King’s.

9. Learn Units Combos

Units Combos are so important in the Clash Royale game. Take some guides from YouTube. If you have no idea what units you have to drop and what next. There can be unlimited combos of troops and spells such as Balloon with Lava Hound, Witch with Giant, Ballon with Rage spell, and many more. You can learn the unit combos to become the master of Clash Royale.

8. Do Not Forget About Those Spells

spells in clash royale

Spells such as Rage, Freeze, Skeleton, Clone, Lightening, Healing, Haste, Poison, Earthquake, Tornado, Mirror, Fire Ball, Zap, etc. spells. All spells have unique uses and can help you win a battle easily if you know how to use them precisely. Do not forget about these spells and make sure you have them in your deck. Most spells require less elixir cost and you can drop them on troops & buildings for much damage. In unit combos, spells have a great role as well. For example, Clone spells can make clones of troop cards and rage can speed up and increase the damage of cards. You can check the info on all the spell cards to have an idea.

7. Do Not Activate the King Tower

When you attack an opponent, do not activate the King’s Tower as it will damage your troops from the start. There will be fewer chances of winning against an activated King’s Tower from the beginning. So, take care of your troops and place your cards wisely. Do not send your cards near the river and drop them from your area so they target the Princess’s Towers first.

6. Estimate Your Opponent’s Elixirs

In a battle, both players have an equal speed of elixir gathering in the Elixir Bar. If a player is using higher elixir cost cards, you should know! But to know this, you have a proper knowledge of cards. Dropping higher-cost cards will entirely squeeze the elixir bar, in that time, you can play mind games. You can estimate your opponent’s elixirs and drop your cards precisely. You can either drop cards to defend them quickly or drop offensive cards so the opponent will have no elixirs to answer your attack. This tip will help you to win battles in Clash Royale.

5. Save Elixirs While In A Battle

Winning depends on the elixirs. If you don’t have many elixirs, you won’t be able to drop cards properly. Cards with higher elixir costs will be much tougher for you to drop. So, save your elixirs in battles and play wisely. Save elixirs and make combos as they will help you win the battle. There are resource buildings such as Elixir Collector in Clash Royale but do not use them if you have no idea what to do with them. Because it takes many elixirs to place and enemies can easily break it with a Rocket or Fire Ball.

4. Have Patience

In Clash Royale, patience is the key to becoming the master. If you don’t have patience, you won’t do much in this game. Like Clash of Clans, in Clash Royale too, you have to upgrade your troop cards. When you upgrade them, their attributes will increase and they will perform much better in battles. Without an upgraded King Level, Cards, etc. won’t do much good. Also, when opening chests, do not spend all your gems, have patience and wait!

3. Take Care of the Clock

Whenever you are in a battle, the thing players don’t do is take care of the clock or timer. As a beginner tip, keep your eye on the timer and play according to it. When you have to be offensive or defensive, depends on the time you have left.

2. Take A Break

leaderboards clash royale

Reaching the top of the leaderboards is everyone’s dream in Clash Royale. But nothing comes easy. You will win and lose. But if you are losing matches in a row, take a break. Do not force yourself to play and win. You can take a deep breath, lock your mobile phone, and just do other things. Take a break and play later with a good mindset.

1. Watch Replays For Mistakes

The first and last (one of the most important) beginner tip in Clash Royale is to learn from your mistakes. You can watch replays of your matches to find out the mistakes you did and what you can learn from them. These replays won’t last forever so watch them whenever you lose a match. You can also share your match replays with your friends or in a Clan. So, you can ask for their tips as well.

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