Plenix Royale APK v40059001 Private Servers for Android 2023

Plenix Royale is a new Clash Royale private server with the best working server in 2023. So, if you are looking for a Clash Royale Private Server, welcome to this page. Here, you can download the working version of Plenix Royale APK and the latest version. If you ever wondered how it feels to play with all the cards and unlimited gems, you should try this server. Here, all the cards are unlocked, emotes are unlocked, all tower skins are available, and the cards are also maxed level. Keep reading this article to know more about Plenix Royale.

Plenix Royale APK File Information

APK NamePlenix Royale
Last update1 hour ago
Size268 MB
FeatureAll Cards Unlocked

Clash Royale is a strategy game offered by Supercell. Here, players can make a deck from various cards, and enter the multiplayer mode where they will face real opponents in a real-time 1v1 battle. Players will draw their cards and aim to destroy their opponent’s towers. Here, three towers are available for both players. The middle tower is King’s Tower and the rest two are the princess towers. If you destroy the king’s tower, you win! But it’s not as easy as we say. Both players will do their best to win and destroy the towers. And, winning matches will grant players trophies, cards, and gold, along with many rewards.

What is Plenix Royale?

Plenix Royale

Plenix Royale is a working private server of Clash Royale. It has all the cards, emotes, tower skins, etc. Along with unlimited gems, there’s unlimited gold coins are available on this server as well. It means, there’s no headache in collecting new legendary cards or even upgrading them. Plenix Royale has all the features unlocked. Stay with us in this article to know everything about this Clash Royale Private Server.

Comparison Between Plenix Royale & Clash Royale

Clash Royale ModClash Royale Official
Unlimited Gems/GoldNo Free Gems/Gold
All Unlocked CardsNot Unlocked
Maxed Out All CardsNot Maxed
All 20+ Tower Skins are UnlockedNot Unlocked
Free ChestsNot Free
Real PlayersReal Players
Regular UpdatesRegular Updates

Plenix Royale Features Explanation

Plenix Royale

Unlimited Resources

Ever thought of playing Clash Royale with unlimited resources such as gold and gems? Well, not. But if you try this server, you’ll see that the gems and gold bars are filled completely and there are millions of them. It means, there’s no issue now upgrading cards or unlocking chests. Also, you can use gems to unlock everything in this game. But we don’t think, they really matter in this private server.

Unlocked Cards/Max Level/Unlocked Emotes

There are more than 109+ cards in Clash Royale and unlocking each one of them requires lots of time and patience. But we all know that unlocking legendary cards as well as champion cards is pure luck. But no worries because in Plenix Royale, all the cards are unlocked and upgraded to their max level already. Use Princess, Lumberjack, Royal Ghost, Magic Archer, etc., and enjoy this game.

Speaking of cards but no emotes pack, well, that is not fair. In Clash Royale, we have so many emotes and around 225+ emotes can be unlocked in this game but they require gems and real money. People can use these emotes to show their feelings in matches. But as they are hard to get, Plenix Royale made it easy, you can use all the emotes in this server as all the emotes packs are unlocked.

Clash Royale allowed users to customize their king towers with these 20+ King Tower Skins. All of them are available in Plenix Royale Private Server. You can customize them according to you.

Free Chests & Custom Cards

Plenix Royale Custom Cards

If you have noticed, there’re so many chests available in the store in Clash Royale but they require gems/gold to get. But in Plenix Royale, you don’t have to feel sad about them anymore. All those chests are now for free. Also, there are so many custom cards available on this server. All those custom cards are not available in the original game and have so many special powers/abilities. Hope, you’ll enjoy playing the game with these cards too.

Real-Time Multiplayer Battles

Clash Royale is famous for its 1v1 and 2v2 real-time multiplayer battles. They are so exclusive and feel real. That’s why this main feature is available in Plenix Royale Private Server too. Without it, there’s no use playing this server. You can play 1v1 as well as 2v2 multiplayer modes here. You can play 2v2 with your friends too.

Join Clans & Chat With Clanmates

If you like to play with friends, Plenix Royale is for you. Here, you can join clans and chat with your clanmates. You can also participate in a friendly Duo match. You can also battle against other clans too.

Regular Updates Available Like The Original

We all need regular updates for new features. Hence, in the Plenix Royale Private Server, you’ll enjoy all new latest and regular updates. It means new cards will be unlocked as soon as they are released in the official Clash Royale game. Currently, Plenix Royale has all the latest cards, emotes, tower skins, champion cards, arenas, etc.

No Root Needed

There’s no root required to play this game or to install it on any Android device with at least 4.4+ or higher required System. It means, installing this game is safe on your device.

Commands To Pace Things Up

In Plenix Royale, you’ll find commands. These commands are shown when you open the settings. With them, you can increase your gems count, speed up your game progress, unlock all cards, chests, etc. If you’ve played any Clash of Clans Private Server, you’ll know the value of these commands.

Installation Guide For Plenix Royale

You can read & follow the steps written below to successfully install the game on your device.

Step 1: Download the Plenix Royale APK from the

Step 2: Now open the downloaded APK file from the download folder in the file manager.

Step 3: A warning will pop up on the screen. Tap on the Setting button, enable the “Allow Installation from this Source”, and go back.

Step 4: Now, tap on the install button on the Plenix Royale APK’s installer window and wait for its completion.

Step 5: Once installed, you can play Plenix Royale and enjoy all its features. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.


What is Plenix Royale?

It is a Clash Royale’s Private Server with unlimited gems, gold, and all cards.

How to update Plenix Royale?

You can visit to update Plenix Royale.

Can I install both Plenix Royale and the Original game?

Yes, you can install both of them as they both are different servers.

Is it safe to install Plenix Royale?

Yes, it’s completely safe to play and install this private server of Clash Royale.

Will I be banned from the original game if I play the Plenix Royale server?

Nope, you won’t be banned.


Hey there, Plenix Royale is explained completely in this article. If you have still any queries about this Clash Royale Private Server, you can contact us below or just write a comment down below. Well, to be honest, Plenix Royale is one of the best servers which is working right now and provides unlimited gems, cards, skins, emotes, etc. Also, players can enjoy multiplayer as well as friendly battles with their friends. So, what are you waiting for? Just try this private server right now and let us know!

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