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Hey guys, welcome to this post about Plenix Clash – A Clash of Clans Private Server. If you don’t know about Plenix Clash or Clash of Phoenix, then let me explain. Clash of Clans aka COC is a popular strategy mobile game where you upgrade your village by collecting resources from various collector buildings and looting other real players (not in real life but in-game as you have to attack their bases to loot their resources). Speaking of Plenix Clash, it’s just a private server where you can play with unlimited resources and gems. Keep reading this article to get all the details about this private server & its features.

Why Play Plenix Clash?

PlenixClash APK

Don’t know if you should play Plenix Clash or not, well, let me be clear. Plenix Clash is a Clash of Clans Private Server where you can experience the same game with unlimited resources and many modified features including the use of commands. In this coc private server, you can upgrade your town hall, all troops, heroes, buildings, etc. to their max level in just one second. Isn’t it worth a try? Well, it’s up to you if you are looking for a safe way to play COC with unlimited gems, also, another important thing is that playing private servers won’t ban you from the official game.

Plenix Clash APK Details

App NamePlenix Clash
VersionLatest Version
App Size288 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.0+
Total Downloads30 Million+
Last Update1 day ago

Plenix Clash Latest Version

Main Features of Plenix Clash

Unlimited Resources

The main feature of this Clash of Clans private server is unlimited resources & gems. Yeah, from now on, you can use unlimited resources for upgrading troops, heroes, buildings, or anything in both home & builder village. Also, unlimited gems are available too. It will help to upgrade stuff as faster as they can.

Many Commands

There are so many commands available in Plenix Clash. You can use these commands in the game. Commands work instantly and it can max out your base in seconds. There are commands for upgrading heroes to max level, town hall to max level, troops/buildings to max level, and everything else. Also, check out the following list of commands that you can use in Plenix Clash.

  • attack my base
  • maximize my village
  • maximize all buildings
  • remove all obstacles
  • maximize troops/spells levels
  • remove resources
  • add magic items
  • unlock super troops
  • disable super troops
  • add trophies/gems

Working Server with Multiplayer

Plenix Clash has a working multiplayer mode where you can attack other players’ villages just like in the original game. You can push trophies as well. Along with the multiplayer mode, you can play with friends, and participate in friendly battles too. There are also practice matches and all the goblin stages are unlocked.

Note: Sometimes, due to server issues, you may face longer loading times, but it’s rare.

Everything Max

Every troop, building, hero, town hall level, pet, spell, etc. all are max in Plenix Clash. No need to worry about your resources or gems at all because all it takes is one command to maximize your village. People who don’t have time to max out their village can try this private server. Also, if you want to play this server just like the original game, you can decide to not use unlimited resources. The reason why I personally love playing on private servers is that I can try new troops & heroes or pets, without spending days. All of the new updates of pets, troops, and heroes are included in Plenix Clash.

Global Chat/Clan/Leagues

You love global chat, but it’s not anymore in Clash of Clans, don’t be sad. Try Plenix Clash. It has the global chat along with Clan & leagues features. Playing & defining your clan’s strength after winning a clan war is amazing. You can do it in Plenix Clash too, but hey, every other Player will have the max level base & troop too. So, be ready to face the attacks as well. You can participate in CWL to enjoy the game even better.

Unlocked Heroes Skins and Scenery

It will take so many years if you want to unlock all the heroes’ skins or scenery in Clash of Clans but in the private server. It’s a matter of seconds. You can unlock all heroes’ skins at once and so the home village, war, and builder base scenery. All the scenery are beautiful but costly, but no worry at all if you play on this Clash of Clans private server.

Comparison Original VS Plenix Clash

FEATURESPlenix ClashClash of Clans
Unlimited Resources
Unlocked Town Hall 15
Max Level Heroes
Unlocked All Heroes Skins
Unlocked All Scenery
Clan & War League
Unlocked Gold Pass
Play With Friends

Quick Installation Guide

If you have downloaded Plenix Clash, then it is the installation, that’s left. People who have not installed third-party APKs should read this guide because downloading games outside Play Store and installing them requires you to enable “Unknown Source Installation”. Check out the following steps.

  1. Download the Plenix Clash APK file on your Android mobile.
  2. Now, as the file finishes downloading, you have to open your file manager.
  3. Find the Plenix Clash APK file in your download folder and open it.
  4. Enable installation from an unknown source by tapping yes.
  5. Now, tap on the install button and wait.
  6. Plenix Clash is finally installed on your mobile/emulator device.
  7. Enjoy & share this coc private server game with your friends.

Plenix Clash Latest Version

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plenix Clash?

Plenix Clash is a COC Private Server with unlimited gems & resources. It also has one-tap commands that allow you to unlock all super troops, remove all obstacles, upgrade everything like heroes, troops, spells, etc. to max level, add medals, and much more. You can also practice attack strategies in its training mode.

How to update Plenix Clash?

You can visit our website to update it. Open the Plenix Clash post and scroll down to the download button. Then tap on the download button to get the latest updated version of its APK. After that, simply install it.

Do I need to uninstall the original COC to install Plenix Clash?

Nope, there is no need to. You can play both games together. The package folder has a different name than the original COC package folder. Therefore, the system treats it as a different application than COC.

Plenix Clash is safe to install?

It is safe to install because there is no root required or any virus in the game. You can install it just like any other app. Also, you can install it alongside the official COC. And as its a private server, you will not be banned for playing on it.


Wrapping it up in the last, Plenix Clash is amazing but you will sometimes face connecting issues as the uptime is not 100%. But still, it’s one of the best private servers of COC in 2023. You can give it a try if you want to play with a max-out home village in Clash of Clans & with unlimited gems. Also, you can update the game from our website for free. Keep supporting for more updates.

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