ReBrawl MODs v52.183 (Unlocked Brawlers) Download Latest

ReBrawl is the best Brawl Stars private server if you want to play with unlimited resources and new updates. It is free and stable and most importantly, it has a working multiplayer mode where you can find real players and play with them. Keep reading this article if you came here to download ReBrawl.

ReBrawl is no longer available because it’s not getting new updates & it’s closed by developers. Download Nulls Brawl to enjoy unlimited resources.


What is Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is an android-iOS mobile game that is an action game offered by Supercell. Here, you can fight against real opponents in a 3v3 multiplayer match with your awesome brawlers. There are 60+ brawlers that are completely unique and have different specialties and play styles. In this game, you can collect gems, coins, brawlers’ skins, and new brawlers. You can also play in 10+ game modes as a solo, duo, or trio team. You can chat with friends or play with them too. Brawl Stars is freely available on both Play Store and App Store.

Why Play ReBrawl?

You can play ReBrawl if you want to have an experience of all the brawlers in the multiplayer against real opponents. Along with all new brawlers, you can have all their skins as well. That’s why people play ReBrawl Private Server. Because we know getting those skins and rare brawlers is so hard in the game. With regular updates, it is one of the best Brawl Stars Private Server after Null’s Brawl. On this website, we are providing the latest version too, so download & have fun.

ReBrawl Server Details

ReBrawl APK

ReBrawl has three types of servers or modes you can play. We recommend downloading the first (Classic Mode) to enjoy the game. Read more info:

Classic: It is a normal mode where you can have an experience as the original with all familiar brawlers, skins, maps, etc.

MODS: This mode is highly customized with custom brawlers known as Super Saiyan, robots, custom maps, and new skins.

Legacy: It is a mix of Classic and MODS but specially designed for low-system devices.

App NameReBrawl
App Size426 MB
Required OSAndroid 5.0+
Total Downloads30 Million+
Last Update1 day ago

ReBrawl Latest Version

Main Features of ReBrawl

Brawlers Skins Available

In ReBrawl, you can access all the skins of all the brawlers. It includes all rare to legendary brawlers. People love playing games with new skins and you are welcome because you don’t feel bad about not having all skins. Use them in battles and show off but hey, all the players of this private server have these skins, chill.

Smooth Gameplay

This Private Server has smooth gameplay and it doesn’t lag. Also, the server is optimized for Android devices so if you have a good Android mobile that can run Brawl Stars smoothly, then, you can also play this server. The system requirements are the same as the original.

Upgrade Max Brawlers with Commands

In this Private Server, you can upgrade all the brawlers to their max level with the In-game commands. It takes less than two seconds to upgrade all the brawlers. Along with that, you can use many other commands as well such as adding more gems or coins, unlocking the Brawl Pass, unlocking all skins, all brawlers, etc. There are so many commands available too.

Fast Servers

All three modes in ReBrawl Private Server are fast and upgraded. You can easily install any of them to play on your Android device. Even, the Classic is available on iOS devices too. You will not face any lag when playing in the multiplayer mode. Also, the servers have a 99% uptime.

Unlimited Resources

Unlimited Gems and Coins are available in this private server of Brawl Stars. You can buy anything from the shop with these resources. If ever, you use all of them, you can use commands to fill them again, it’s such a great feature of this server.

Custom Brawlers/Maps/New Skins

In the ReBrawl MODS Mode, you can use custom brawlers. These brawlers are not available in the official game but the developers made them for fun, and these brawlers are so powerful as well. They are known as Super Saiyan Brawlers. They have a great size, they can fly, and all have skins unlocked. It also has 4 Robots of the Apocalypse that we can play including Conquest, Famine, War, and Death. All of them have different powers and super abilities. Also, speaking of skins, it has many new skins which are great to use.

Along with new skins, you can also use custom maps offered just in ReBrawl. You can also submit your maps so they may be added to the server later.

Low-System Requirements

If you don’t have a high-end mobile, you can play this server with low-system requirements as well. You can install the ReBrawl Legacy Mode to play it.

Safe To Play

This server is safe for players. There are no malware hidden, no ban, and no root required either.

Comparison Brawl Stars VS ReBrawl

Check the below table so you can find out the difference between the official and private servers.

FEATURESNulls Brawl AlphaBrawl Stars
Unlimited Gems & Coins
All Brawlers
Max Brawlers Levels
In-game Commands
Super Saiyan Brawlers
All Game Modes Available
Play With Friends
Free Brawl Pass
Team & Clubs

Quick Installation Guide

If you have downloaded ReBrawl, then it is the installation, that’s left. People who have not installed third-party APKs should read this guide because downloading games outside Play Store and installing them requires you to enable “Unknown Source Installation”. Check out the following steps.

  1. Download the ReBrawl APK file on your Android mobile.
  2. Now, as the file finishes downloading, you have to open your file manager.
  3. Find the APK file in your download folder and open it.
  4. Enable installation from an unknown source by tapping yes,
  5. Now, tap on the install button and wait.
  6. ReBrawl is successfully installed on your device.
  7. Enjoy & share this APK with your friends.

ReBrawl Latest Version

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReBrawl?

It is a Brawl Stars Private Server where you can play with all brawlers and unlimited gems/coins.

Is it safe to install ReBrawl and what are the requirements?

Yes, you can safely install it on your Android device. There is no need to root your device to play it. Also, you will need an active internet connection to play it.

Is there ReBrawl for iOS/Apple devices?

Yes, the first mode “ReBrawl Classic” is available for iOS users too. But to install it, you will need the Cydia impactor and jailbreak the iOS device (not recommended). So, it’s better if you just play it on your Android device.

How Can I Update ReBrawl?

There are no new updates. ReBrawl stopped updating its APK Files and Game Server in 2022. So, you can either install other servers such as Null’s Brawl to enjoy unlimited resources.


Thanks for reading this post on ReBrawl. We hope you love this Brawl Stars Private Server but it’s sad to say that it’s no longer getting new updates. If it ever does, we will notify and update this article as well. Until then, you can download another Private Server which is “Null’s Brawl” for free. If you loved this article, say hello in the comments section!

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