How to Farm Resources Efficiently in Clash of Clans in 2023?

Hello, clashers. How’s your farming going in the Clash of Clans? Are you getting enough loot to upgrade your base? If not, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Many players asked us how to farm resources. I don’t get any loot. It’s difficult to collect resources. For those players, we have created this article in which we will tell you how you can farm resources efficiently without wasting troops, time & effort. 

Base Layout for Farming

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The first thing to know about farming is that you only focus on the resources rather than trophies. Based on that, we choose the base layouts best for farming. Most farming base layouts focus on protecting the storages by keeping them inside the base including the elixir collectors & gold mines. It also places the Town Hall in a corner to prevent the players, who push their trophies, from a full attack. For free trophies, they destroy the TH and then end the battle. 

Another best layouts are ring-based bases. Usually, troops divert from the path and circles in the ring, preventing them from entering the middle of the base. You can place each storage in different directions apart from each other so that attackers can get access to only a few storages. If you place them together, they can attack from the closest side and loot all the resources. 

If you look for farming bases, then don’t care if the TH is in the middle or corner. Trophies are not important. 

Army Preparation for Farming

Collecting the resources efficiently depends on lots of factors such as the army, league, opponent’s base layout, and how to attack. If you get them right, you can fill all your storage in a day with ease. Below, we have picked two armies that have very low training time and you can attack back to back without waiting.

Goblin Army

The best army for loot is the goblin army. Goblins only target the resource buildings like elixir collectors, gold mines, dark drills, storages, CC, and TH. They also have high movement speed and deal 2x damage to these buildings which makes them perfect for loot. 

For this army, train all goblins with a few giants (to distract mortar & wizard tower). We don’t need spells. But just in case, brew a jump and freeze spell. If you don’t have them, no problem. 

Barbarians + Archers

Another army is a combination of barbarians and archers which is commonly known as BARCH amy. You can use it to get 50% destruction and one star along with resources if you don’t want to drop your trophies too much.

Trophies & League for Farming

The second thing to decide is which league is better for you. Yes. Leagues matter a lot in the loot and it depends on your TH level. Here’s the list of the best leagues according to the TH level. 

  • Silver League for TH8 & 7
  • Gold League for TH9 & TH10
  • Crystal League for TH10, 11 & 12
  • Master League for TH12+

You will find inactive bases of the same Town Hall level & above at the mentioned leagues. If you go at lower leagues than the mentioned, you will start getting inactive bases of lower TH than yours on which you will get less loot. 

  • Champion & Titan Leagues – If you are someone who pushes trophies and still wants to loot resources, then stay at the champion, titan, or upper leagues and do proper full attacks. In these leagues, you will get a good amount of loot bonus for every successful attack.

Best Targets During Attacking

Now that we have decided on the army and the leagues, it’s time for finding a suitable target. 

Inactive Base

First, look for inactive bases. The signs of inactivity are x-bows without arrows & thread, black inferno without fire, diffused traps, and eagle artillery without its eagle head. The fully-filled collectors & mines is also a sign. These types of bases are the perfect target.

Full Elixir Collectors, Gold Mine & Dark Elixir Drills

Now, look at how much the collectors, mines, and drills are filled. Gold mines have a small box at the lower right corner. The elixir collector has a tube in the middle. And dark drills have a small box at the top. If these parts are fully filled, then go for the attack. 

One more thing – Always check the highest level collector or drill. At the low level, they seem full but contain only a small amount of resources. 

Available Resource Loot

Now, look at how much resource loot is available on the targeted base. If it’s a good amount for you, then look at the storage. If the storages are empty, then all the loot is available in the collectors, mines, and drills. It will be the best base to attack. 

Town Hall Level

On opponents lower than your Town Hall level, you get less available loot. While higher TH than yours will have more available loot. So, if your TH is on upgrading and your storages are empty, then it will be good to collect the resources before the upgrade. After that, you will start getting low resources.

How to Attack Using Farming Army

After getting the perfect base for the loot, let’s learn how to attack using the goblin and barch army that we previously mentioned. 

Focus on One Type of Resource

First, focus on only one type of resource and decide what you are gonna upgrade with it. It will help you to collect that resource quickly. Don’t change your focus from elixir to gold to dark elixir before getting to the target. 

Use Troops in Groups of 5

Once you decide on the resource you want, then look at which side the respective resource buildings are. After that, use the goblins in a group of 5 for each resource building. Don’t deploy all of them. Once the first 5 are dead, deploy 5 more. Save troops for back-to-back attacks. Once you destroy all the outer resource buildings, end the battle. No need to enter the base to loot the remaining loot. Look for another base instead.

Keep an Eye on Mortar & Wizard Tower

Look if there are any mortars, wizard towers, or bomb towers. If there is mortar, then deploy a single goblin. As soon the mortar’s shot hit the goblin, quickly deploy 5 goblins. They can easily destroy the collector or mine before the mortar’s second shot. 

But if the wizard tower or bomb tower is present, then deploy one giant to distract them, and then use goblins. These towers have higher attack speeds than mortar and without giants, can kill lots of goblins.

Loot & Run

Once you loot all the available resources or from the outer resource buildings, then end the battle. There is no need to waste the troops to enter the middle base for storage. You can use the same number of troops in the next attack to loot even more resources.

Complete These Specific Achievements for Gems

Gems are the premium in-game currencies that can be used to buy everything and finish any upgrade in an instant. But the first and most important use of them is to buy builders. So, you must focus on collecting gems and buying all 5 builders. Do not waste gems elsewhere until you get all the builders. For gems farming, you can follow the steps written below. 

Sweet Victory – Earn 1250 Trophies – 450 Gems

Sweet Victory’s third stage is earning 1250 trophies and the reward for completing it is 450 gems. You can easily achieve it at TH6+, and buy your new builder.

League All-Star

Another Clash of Clans’ achievement for earning gems through achieving certain leagues is League All-Star. The requirements are as follows:

Crystal League – 250 Gems

Master League – 500 Gems

Champion League – 1000 Gems

Friend in Need – Donate 25000 Troops – 250 gems

clash of clans friend in need

Completing this achievement’s all stages by donating a total of 25000 housing space of troops, players get 250 gems. So, start donating troops to your friends. If you have low-level troops, they won’t be so useful to high-level players. But they can help you for completing this achievement. 

If your clanmates & friends deny to take your low-level troops, don’t worry. There are countless inactive clans with no restrictions on joining where you will find troops requests. Join those clans, donate any troops, and come back to your clan. It will not take long to complete this achievement this way. 

X-Bow Exterminator – 1 Xbow – 50 Gems

TH8 players, if you ever get a TH9 opponent with an X-Bow, destroy it. You only need one X-Bow to get 50 gems from the X-Bow Exterminator achievement. 

Firefighter – Destroy 10 Inferno – 100 Gems

This section is for TH9 players. Once you reach TH9, you will start getting TH10 opponents with inferno towers. You can focus on destroying 10 inferno towers to get 100 gems from Firefighter achievement. While completing it, you can ignore the trophies & stars. Only go for Inferno Towers. 

Remove All Bushes, Trees & Obstacles

From time to time, bushes & trees grow in both the village and builder base. Some of them also contain up to 5 gems. You can get those gems by removing them. Also, only a limited number of trees & obstacles can grow in the base. So, remove them as soon as possible. 

Remove Gem Box ASAP

clash of clans tips gem box

The gem box put a smile on the players’ faces whenever it appears on their bases. Why? Because it gives them 25 gems when removed. But there can be only one gem box is the base. So, whenever it appears, remove it ASAP. 

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