Null’s Brawl v56.274 APK (Official) Download Latest Version

Null’s Brawl is the best private server of Brawl Stars with unlimited gems and coins. It has unlocked brawlers and all their skins including emotes, pins, and much more than you ever dreamt of in the original game. Welcome to the official website of Null’s Brawl where we offer the latest & working version. So many people still don’t know about it and think if it’s safe to play on private servers, well, it’s safe. So, keep reading this article to know all the details. Scroll a bit and tap on the button to download Null’s Brawl on Android and iOS.

Latest version nulls brawl APK

Version: 56.274

Why Play Null’s Brawl?

If you don’t know whether you should or shouldn’t play Null’s Brawl, you should read the article as we are here to help. First, keep in mind that offers the latest version of Null’s Brawl as well as the updated version here. Now, speaking of Null’s Brawl, if you are here to download this game, then you should know that it will give you many advantages over the official server where gems & coins are limited.

In Null’s Brawl, you will get unlimited resources including coins and gems, you will get all the brawlers, all skins, gears, upgrades, brawl pass unlocked, and many features for free. So, what do you think? Should you play Null’s Brawl or not? It’s up to you if you want to try all the new brawlers and their skins, you are welcome in this Private Server! Scroll down to know the main features of this wonderful game.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

In the newest update of this private server, New brawlers: Draco and Lily. Knockout 5v5 and 6 new hypercharges are added.

Null’s Brawl Features

Unlimited Gems and Coins

Do you know that in Null’s Brawl, you can play the game with unlimited gems and coins? It has them and it means, everyone can unlock everything from the in-game shop. Having unlimited resources means so much and getting them into the official game is so hard and requires money. With gems and coins, people can unlock brawlers, get the brawl pass, and unlock skins, and all the items in the shop. It’s only possible in Null’s Brawl because there is no headache of losing gems on buying the wrong items.

Unlocked All Brawlers & Skins

Who is your favorite brawler in Brawl Stars? Is it Colette? or Leon? or Fang? Well, every brawler in the game has different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. But that’s not the question, the question is do you have all the brawlers? The answer will be no for most players but let me tell you, in Null’s Brawl, there are all the brawlers unlocked for free. It means, even new players can play with all the brawlers without unlocking them. So, don’t waste your time and play with your favorite brawler today.

Play With Friends

We all know that playing games with friends just feels amazing and in Brawl Stars, you can play matches with your friends. Speaking of the private server, unlike many others, Null’s Brawl is the best. Here, you can play multiplayer matches with friends. Yeah, you can make your account, and find your friends in this game but make sure your friend is also playing this private server and both of you have connected your accounts.

Other Features of Null’s Brawl

Now, speaking of some other cool features, Null’s Brawl has all the skins that are currently available in the Brawl Stars Game. Every premium & rare Brawler Skin is unlocked freely. It means you can select any of them and play the game. Having rare Brawler skins is so tough in the official game because they are very costly and only the rich can afford them but not in this private server. Here, all are equal and all have all the brawler skins.

Max Level Brawlers

Max Level Brawlers

How many brawlers do you have in Brawl Stars which are at their max level? Probably a few but in Null’s Brawl, all the brawlers are upgraded to their max levels. It means that you can use them to their fullest potential in multiplayer matches and game modes. Enjoy playing them in this server and here is a tip, if you are trying to pick the best brawler in Brawl Stars to upgrade it, you can play that brawler in Null’s Brawl to decide whether you should upgrade it or not. This is another advantage of having this private server.

Unlocked Brawl Pass

Unlocked Brawl Pass

Brawl Pass is not a new feature in Brawl Stars, it’s like a monthly plan where you need to buy the pass to unlock many exciting premium awards. For those users who do not wish to buy the Brawl Pass, there is no worry because, in Null’s Brawl, you already have the Unlocked Brawl Pass. All the items are unlocked and you can use claim any of them without doing any tasks. Every premium skin or item such as Mega Boxes, etc. can be redeemed easily.

All Game Modes Available

All Game Modes Available

In Null’s Brawl, all main game modes are available including Solo Showdown, Duo Showdown, Gem Grab, Bounty, Brawl Ball, Heist, Hot Zone, and Knockout game modes. Check out their information too so you will know how to play them and win matches.

Showdown (Solo/Duo): You can play this mode solo or duo (with your friend). You will enter the arena where you have to defeat every other player or team to win the match. Also, you can collect power cubes to increase your health and damage. Also, you will find the arena will become smaller as the poison cloud will surround the area, so make sure you hurry.

Gem Grab: It’s a 3v3 game mode, one of my favorite game modes of Null’s Brawl. In this mode, your team has to collect a total of 10 gems to win the match. You can collect gems from a fallen opponent or directly from the gem mine.

Bounty: It is another 3v3 game mode of Null’s Brawl. In this mode, whenever you defeat enemy team players, the head on your bounty will be increased by one star and it goes up to 7 stars. The team with the most stars will win the match.

Brawl Ball: Another 3v3 game mode, in this game mode, you will have to score the goal. Take the ball to the enemy’s team goal. It will give you a score. The team with the highest score will win the match.

Heist (3v3): In this mode, again you will need your team to destroy the enemy team’s safe because the safe has large health points.

Hot Zone: In this 3v3 mode, your team has to stay in the zone to capture it. Keep defeating the enemy’s team to win this match.

Knockout: In this mode of Null’s Brawl, the objective is to defeat the enemy’s team in a 3-match series. The team with the highest score will win.

Unlocked Gadgets

Unlocked Gadgets, Star Powers, and Gears

In Null’s Brawl, all the gadgets, star powers, and gears are unlocked for free. It means, there is no need to worry about them anymore. Each & everything is for free and you can use them. If you don’t know about them, you can check the info down below.

Gadgets: Gadgets offer unique abilities to the brawlers but it requires the power level 7. You can activate them by tapping the green button. The best gadgets that you can use in Null’s Brawl are Spicy Dice, Slo-mo Replay, and Utility Belt.

Star Powers: Star Power is a passive ability that you can use in battles. Every brawler has two Star Power that unlocks on levels 10 and 11, respectively. Some of the best star powers are Bell’O’Mania, Fake Injury, and Blockbuster.

Gears: You can buy them from the shop with coins, they are also additional abilities. But it requires your player to have at least levels 10 and 11. Some of the best gear in Null’s Brawl are Speed Gear (“Your brawler will get a speed increase when moving in bushes by 20%), Health Gear (It will regenerate health 50% more effectively), and Vision Gear (It will reveal your opponents for 2 seconds after dealing damage to them).

Comparison Brawl Stars Vs Null’s Brawl

If you still have no idea about the difference between Null’s Brawl and Official Brawl Stars, you better check this table. Here, you can find the best comparison table of both games’ features.

FeaturesNull’s BrawlBrawl Stars
Unlimited Gems & Coins & Bling
Unlocked All Brawlers
Max Brawlers Levels
Unlocked All Skins
Unlocked Gadget, Star Power, and Gear
All Game Modes Available
Play With Friends
Unlocked Brawl Pass
Team & Clubs

About Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is one of the best mobile games right now and Supercell offers it. Yeah, the same company that made Clash of Clans. Well, speaking of Brawl Stars, it has 100+ Million downloads on mobile devices and it’s available for both Android and iOS platforms. The great thing about this game is that it’s free. Everyone can play it, unlock brawlers, upgrade them, unlock their skins, and progress in the game.

  • Brawl Stars is a fast-paced multiplayer mobile game
  • 78+ Brawlers are available to unlock & upgrade
  • Get the Brawl Pass and Earn amazing rewards
  • Play solo or with friends in 8+ Game Modes
  • Progress in the leaderboards and earn ranks

Pros And Cons of Null’s Brawl Private Server


Playing Brawl Stars is fun but with some modified features, the game becomes even great. Speaking of Null’s Brawl, it is a Private Server of Brawl Stars. The main advantage of this private server is that it has unlimited gems, unlimited coins, unlocked all brawlers, unlocked all skins, upgraded brawlers, and lots of cool features.


There are some bad things too which are slow updates, connection issues, and bugs, and also, you can’t recover your progress if you lose your data. As it is a private server, there is not much we can expect from it. The main purpose of this game is to enjoy all the brawlers and skins.

What Gamers Say About Null’s Brawl!

Jordan Brooks

This Private Server is the most enjoyable multiplayer experience if you are looking for a Brawl Stars Private Server with a massive number of gems. All the brawlers are unlocked and upgraded at their max level which means we can use all their gears, gadgets, and star powers! Null’s Brawl is fun and you should definitely play it. Also, you can play this game with your brawler buddies and you won’t gonna regret it.

John Tuna

When this Private Server was released, I never believed, that it will become one of the best Private Servers of Brawl Stars, but now, it is! The matchmaking is super-fast and amazing! After Nulls Clash, this is my favorite game so far with unlimited resources. Well, rather than spending real money on the official game, you can save your money playing on this server. It’s worth your time & money.


Really fun and well-made Private Server by The developers are helpful and keep updating the game from time to time to make it bug-free and smooth. Most of us don’t have money to buy gems or coins in real but Null’s Brawl is here for us. You can play it anytime with friends or solo. If you don’t know how to play it, you can practice with bots as well. Thumbs up to this Brawl Stars Private Server. BTW, my favorite game mode is Gem grab. I am proud to share my review of this game.

Quick Installation Guide

Hey, have you ever installed a third-party application on your Android device? If not, then you should read the installation instructions because Null’s Brawl is a third-party app, you can’t find it on the Google Play Store. But it doesn’t mean, it’s harmful to your device, don’t you worry. Trust us and check the following steps.

Download Null’s Brawl APK

nulls Brawl installation guide

Your first step is to download Null’s Brawl APK from our website. You can visit to download the latest & safest version. Once, you tap on the download button, you will be redirected to the Download Page, and from there, you can easily download the APK file. But make sure you have at least Android Version 5.0 or up and a 2GB RAM device to play this game. Also, an active internet connection is required. Also, make sure your phone has at least 1.5 GB of storage space as the game requires lots of space for its resources such as skins.

Enable Installation From an Unknown Source

nulls Brawl installation for Android

Your second step will be enabling “Installation from an Unknown Source.” Once you have enabled it, you can install Null’s Brawl. But if you don’t know how to enable it, you can go to your phone’s settings, then go to the security tab, and from there, you can choose the security option, and enable “Install Apps From Unknown Sources”. After enabling it, you can go to your file manager and open Null’s Brawl APK, and tap to install it.

Let it Install and Have Fun!

nulls Brawl installation guide done

After tapping on the install button, don’t hurry and keep patience. It will take some time to install Null’s Brawl on your Android phone. Once, the installation is completed, you can open the game and enjoy those cool features such as unlimited coins, gems, brawlers, skins, and many others.

Please share this game with your friends who are a fan of Brawl Stars and want to use all the skins and play with their favorite brawlers at their max levels. Keep sharing and loving this server!


In the last, we would love to say that Null’s Brawl is a great Private Server of Brawl Stars right now. So, if you are looking for one, go for it. You will enjoy the game with those unlimited resources and all the brawlers & their skins. Also, this game is regularly updated from time to time. Also, it has a forum community where you can ask questions and report bugs. Well, thanks for reading this blog, and now, you can get Null’s Brawl today on Android-iOS devices. Enjoy it and share it with your friends too, so you can play this game with them.