7 Best Artillery Brawlers in April 2024

Artillery class can attack the opponents from behind the covers by throwing their projectiles over the walls and obstacles. That’s the advantage they have in the Brawl Stars. Although they have low HP, their damage outputs are very high and are a threat to almost all brawlers. So, today, let’s know about the 7 best artillery brawlers in March 2024.

Best Artillery Brawlers in Brawl Stars
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Larry & Lawrie

Larry throws the tickets at the opponent brawlers. The tickets explode twice, first on landing, and then after a little delay. The second explosion deals damage in a larger area than the first one. With his Super, he calls his twin Lawrie for help. Lawrie automatically chases the closest enemy and attacks them with his gun, firing 3 & 5 plugs in sequence.

With the Order: Swap gadget, Larry can swap his weapon with Lawrie. He keeps the gun until he is defeated or uses the gadget again. On activating the second gadget, Fall Back, Larry and Lawrie dash toward each other, healing 33% of their Max HP.

Larry & Lawrie - Best Artillery in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

With the Protocol: Protect star power equipped, Larry transfers 30% of the damage taken to Lawrie when they are within the 12-tile radius. The second star power, Protocol: Assist, reloads Larry’s ammo by 30% whenever Lawrie damages the opponent brawlers.


Gloom - 7 Best Artillery Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Groom throws his bud over the obstacles that explodes and splits into four piercing projectiles, moving in cross shape, always perpendicular to the map sides. His Super, Grom Bomb, behaves the same as his basic attacks, but the damage output is devastating and the area is much larger. It also destroys the obstacles and pushes all the enemies along its projectile direction.

His Star Power, Foot Patrol, increases his movement speed by 15% when his Super is ready, and the second Star Power, X-Factor, increases his basic attacks’ projectile damage up to 30% over distance. His Radio Check gadget lets him quickly throw three buds in his next attack.

His Watchtower gadget is very useful for team support to spot opponent brawlers. Grom drops a watchtower that allows him and his allies to see enemies inside bushes over a large area. In maps with lots of bushes, and game modes like bounty, showdown, and gem grab, it helps a lot to track the key opponents like brawlers holding gems or stars.


Tick - 7 Best Artillery Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Tick throws a cluster of mines that splits into three mines before landing. The mines explode on enemy contact or after a delay. He has a slow reload speed, but his long range and high damage output make up for it. For his Super, he detaches his head that follows the closest opponent brawler, and explodes on contact.

The Super head also has an HP bar. Opponents can destroy the head with enough damage. However, the head will still explode. So, using the Super as near as possible to the enemy is better. You can also use the mythic gear, Thicc Head, which increases the Super head’s HP by 1000.

On activating the gadget Mine Mania, Tick’s next attack throws 6 mines instead of 3. The second gadget, Last Hurrah, gives him a 50% shield for 1 second and then it explodes, damaging the nearby enemies. His first star power, Well Oiled, starts recovering his HP 2 seconds faster than normal when he doesn’t take damage or attack. The second star power, Automa-Tick Reload, increases his reload speed.


Penny - 7 Best Artillery Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Penny’s basic attacks are long-range shots of gold pouches. The pouch bursts on the first enemy hit and then the gold hits the enemies behind the first enemy in a cone-shaped area. She can set up a mortar using her Super. The mortal fires cannonball over a large area and sets the ground on fire for 3 seconds, dealing damage over time.

With Master Blaster star power equipped, when Penny drops the cannon, it deals damage and knocks back the nearby enemies. The Heavy Coffers star power adds more gold to her pouch, increasing the burst area after hitting the enemy.

If there is no cover, Penny can use her gadget Salty Barrel to drop a barrel of salt in front of her. She can also use it to burst her pouch attacks to deal damage to enemies behind it. On using the second gadget, Trusty Spyglass, the cannon fires cannonballs at every visible enemy in its range.


Sprout - 7 Best Artillery Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Sprout throws a ball of seeds that bounces on the ground, exploding after 3 tiles, or on contact with the enemy. Its explosion deals damage in a 4-tile radius. His Super is a super seed that grows a thick vine hedge in a large area to block the path. The hedge lasts for 10 seconds.

When his Super is used in the hypercharge state, the hedge also damages nearby enemies. Overgrowth’s star power enhances his attack every 5 seconds, increasing the explosion radius. While Photosynthesis star power gives him a shield that reduces all incoming damage by 30% when inside a bush.

His first gadget, Garden Mulcher, can be used to restore some amount of HP by consuming the nearby bush, and the second gadget, Transplant, recharges his Super again by destroying the current Super hedges.


Barley - 7 Best Artillery Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Barley, a bartender robot, throws the bottles at the enemies. The bottle shatters, splashing the liquid in a 2-tile radius and damaging all the enemies in that area. Enemies take the damage again if they stay standing in the puddle.

His Super is similar to his basic attacks. Instead of one bottle, he lobs five bottles, dealing massive splash damage in a very large area. It can damage the enemies four times when stay longer.

He comes with a gadget and star power to heal himself. The gadget, Herbal Tonic, throws a healing potion at himself and nearby allies and heals them over time. The star power, Medical Use, adds the healing effect to his attacks that recovers his HP per attack.

The Extra Noxious star power increases his basic attack damage by 200. The second gadget, Sticky Syrup Mixer, drops a sticky liquid puddle that slows down all the enemies on it. The combination of this gadget and star power is also good for aggressive gameplay.


Dynamike - 7 Best Artillery Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Dynamike uses the dynamites to explode the enemies. He throws two dynamites that explode after one second and deal massive damage. After using the Satchel Charge gadget, his next basic attack also stuns the enemies for 1.5 seconds.

His second gadget, Fidget Spinner, helps him deal with the assassins or tanks who get close to him. After using it, he spins and throws dynamites around himself, each dynamite dealing 2400 damage.

For his Super, he throws a big barrel of dynamite that damages enemies, knocks them back, and destroys the obstacles. Demolition star power adds 1600 damage to his Super to make it more destructive. The second star power, Dyna-Jump, allows him to jump over obstacles using the blast force of his dynamites. He also has hypercharge that spawns 8 smaller bombs from his Super dynamite.

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