All 24 Brawlers with HyperCharge in Brawl Stars

Are you having fun defeating the opponents with your brawler’s Super & star powers? It’s gonna be more fun with the Hypercharge, newly introduced abilities to awaken your brawlers to their ultimate form like Goku going Super Saiyan mode. With awakened Super and stats, brawlers will be a force to reckon with. In this post, we are gonna talk about HyperCharge, HyperCharged Brawlers, HyperCharged Super, and their effects. So, stay with us.

HyperCharge Brawlers (1)
Credit: Brawl Stars

Hypercharge – What is It?

At the start of Season 20, Supercell introduced the Hypercharge feature. It’s an additional ability, only available to 24 Brawlers at present. It’s like a mix of gadgets & Super. Players can upgrade their brawlers to Level 11 to unlock the Hypercharge slot, just like gadgets & star power, and then equip the Hypercharge ability. 

Hypercharge ability recharges in the battle by dealing damage to enemies but at a slower rate. On activating the ability, it covers the brawler in purple flames and grants buffs to them for a short duration, increasing their stats like movement speed, damage & shield, and enhancing their Super, granting new effects. 

Legendary Hypercharge Brawlers

There are only 4 legendary brawlers with the hypercharge ability which are as follows:

HyperCharge Brawlers (2)
Credit: Brawl Stars

Spike – Blooming Season

Hypercharged Super: Spike’s Super has a 20% larger area when used in a hypercharged state.

Stat Boosts: +26% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Crow – Utility Knives

Hypercharged Super: When Crow uses his Super in the hypercharged state, his knives pierce through the enemies and return to him like a boomerang, dealing damage to the enemies in the path.

Stat Boosts: +24% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Leon – Limbo

Hypercharged Super: In the normal state, Leon uses his Super to become invisible. But when he attacks, his invisibility breaks. But on using the Super in the hypercharged state, he stays invisible while attacking his enemies.

Stat Boosts: +20% Speed, +25% Damage, +25% Shield

Cordelius – Complete Darkness

Hypercharged Super: When Cordelius’s Super sends an enemy into the shadow realm, it also slows him down.

Stat Boosts: +24% Speed, +25% Damage, +15% Shield

Mythic Hypercharge Brawlers

6 mythic brawlers are ready to unleash their ultimate strength with their unique hypercharge. Sprout, a support brawler, can become the damage dealer in its hypercharge state. Fang can break the walls, and Buzz can reuse his Super if misses the enemy. Let’s read the following to know more in detail:

HyperCharge Brawlers (3)
Credit: Brawl Stars

Charlie – Pestilence

Hypercharged Super: When Charlie uses her Super on an enemy, disabling him by turning him into a cacoon, then the cacoon spawns three spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies.

Stat Boosts: +30% Speed, +30% Damage, +10% Shield

Mico – Sound Check

Hypercharged Super: When Mico lands after using his Super, it also stuns the enemies for 1.5 seconds while damaging them.

Stat Boosts: +5% Speed, +25% Damage, +24% Shield

Sprout – Thorns

Hypercharged Super: The thick vine hedge created by Sprout’s Super now also damages nearby enemies. 

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Lou – Slushie Storm

Hypercharged Super: Lou’s Super instantly freezes enemies in the area. 

Stat Boosts: +26% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Buzz – Buzzwatch

Hypercharged Super: Buzz’s Super can now be used again if he hits a wall. 

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +15% Damage, +15% Shield

Fang – Dragon Kick

Hypercharged Super: In this state, Fang can charge through walls using his Super, and also drops popcorns on the way that deal damage to enemies. 

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +15% Damage, +15% Shield

Epic Hypercharge Brawlers

Supercell has added hypercharge for 6 epic brawlers – Bibi, Edgar, Colette, Belle, Maisie, and Pearl. We have written their buff effects and enhanced Super in the following subsections.

Bibi – Out of Bounds

Hypercharged Super: When Bibi uses her Super and throws the bouncing ball, it splits up into two balls on hitting an enemy.

Stat Boosts: +24% Speed, +5% Damage, +25% Shield

Edgar – Outburst

Hypercharged Super: Edgar’s Super recharges automatically at a slower rate over time. When he uses his normal Super, he gains a temporary speed boost. But in the Hypercharged state, his Super recharge speed and reload speed increase for the duration. 

Stat Boosts: +15% Speed, +15% Damage, +24% Shield

Colette – Teen Spirit

Hypercharged Super: When Colette uses her Super and dashes forth and back, her spirit also follows her and damages the enemies on the way.

Stat Boosts: +26% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Belle – Magnetic

Hypercharged Super: Belle’s Super spotting shot automatically follows the closest target. So, you won’t have to worry about missing the Super Shot. 

Stat Boosts: +26% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Maisie – Aftermath

Hypercharged Super: When Maisie uses her Super, she releases a shockwave around her, damaging the nearby enemies and knocking them back. In the hypercharged state, she also shoots rockets in all directions along with the shockwave.

Stat Boosts: +26% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Pearl – Pyrolytic

Hypercharged Super: Pear’s Super releases all the built-up heat in an explosion that damages all the nearby enemies. In the hypercharged state, the explosion leaves a burning area for 4.5 seconds.

Stat Boosts: +26% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Super Rare Hypercharge Brawlers

Super Rare brawlers – Jessie, Dynamike, and Jacky have got their hypercharges. Jacky will get more opportunities to face agile opponents now. Their hypercharge buffs are as follows:

HyperCharge Brawlers (4)
Credit: Brawl Stars

Jessie – Scrappy 2.0

Hypercharged Super: Jessie’s turret has 50% more health and deals 20% more damage.

Stat Boosts: +26% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Dynamike – Boomer

Hypercharged Super: When Dynamike’s Super dynamite blows up, then it spawns smaller bombs to deal more damage. 

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Jacky – Seismic Event

Hypercharged Super: Jacky’s Super now also slows down nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. 

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +5% Damage, +25% Shield

Rare Hypercharge Brawlers

Colt, Bull, El Primo, and Rosa are the only rare brawlers with hypercharge abilities. Read the following for their info:

Colt – Duel Wielding

Hypercharged Super: Colt’s Super is powerful, but has a very narrow range. In the hypercharged state, his Super’s width will be 120% wider. 

Stat Boosts: +26% Speed, +25% Damage, +5% Shield

Bull – Jaws of Steel Bull

Hypercharged Super: When Bull uses his Super Bulldozer to dash forward, he gains damage reduction that reduces all damage taken by 80%.

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +5% Damage, +25% Shield

El Primo – Gravity Leap

Hypercharged Super: Now, using El Primo’s Super also brings the enemies to the center of the affected area.

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +5% Damage, +25% Shield

Rosa – Grasping Roots

Hypercharged Super: When Rosa uses her Super, she gets a shield that reduces all the incoming damage by 70%. After hypercharged, using the Super also slows down all the nearby enemies.

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +5% Damage, +25% Shield

Common Hypercharge Brawlers

Shelly, being the starting brawler of the game, is the only common brawler and has the Hypercharge.

HyperCharge Brawlers (5)
Credit: Brawl Stars

Shelly – Double Barrel

Hypercharged Super: Shelly’s Super has long range, but after using the Hypercharge ability, it gains 33% extra range.

Stat Boosts: +25% Speed, +5% Damage, +25% Shield

How to Get Hypercharge?

Currently, there are only three ways to get Hypercharge in the Brawl Stars which are as follows:

Shop: You can check your shop if there’s any collective set or hypercharge available for purchase. It will cost you gems though. Also, you never know when and which hypercharge will be available. So, it’s not a very reliable way.

Legendary Starr Drop: When the Hypercharge feature was added to the game, there was only a 5% probability of getting a random hypercharge from the Legendary Starr Drop. Now, the probability is increased to 16.3%. If you by chance get the hypercharge, it can be of any brawler, even if the brawler is not at level 11. However, you won’t be able to use it unless the brawler is at level 11.

Gold: If your brawler is at level 11, then you can buy its hypercharge directly using 5000 gold. The simplest and surest way to get the desired hypercharge. You just need to grind the game to earn the required gold.

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