7 Best Damage Dealer Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars features multiple classes of brawlers like assassins, supports, controllers, marksmen, artillery, tanks, and damage dealers. Each class comes with advantages and disadvantages against other classes. Today, we are gonna talk about some of the best Damage Dealer brawlers in the game.

Best Damage Dealers in Brawl Stars
Credit: Brawl Stars / Nullsbrawl.org

Currently, there are 16 damage-dealer brawlers. Damage Dealer brawlers come with a balanced mix of damage output and survivability. They can deal high pretty high damage to opponents and are best matched against assassins and tanks. Their gadgets & star powers allow players to make multiple builds like pure burst damage, sustained DPS, high survivability build, etc. 

Damage dealer brawlers can be used in most situations to deal damage to opponents and have dominance on the field. However, their only weaknesses are marksmen and artillery brawlers who can attack from afar and behind the obstacles respectively. Once, they can reduce the distance between them, they can take them down with ease. Let’s dive right in to know the best damage dealers.

Colt – The Pretty

Best Damage Dealer - Colt
Credit: Brawl Stars

Colt is, without any doubt, the best Damage Dealer brawler in the Brawl Stars. He shoots six straight long-range bullets from his revolvers, each dealing 720 damage at max level. His Super is what takes him to the top. He fires a massive burst of bullets with a very long range that can even destroy the covers. If the enemy is in the line of fire, no one can save him from death. 

His Hypercharge widens his Super, making it more difficult for enemies to escape. Apart from the Super, his gadgets & star power allow him to rank higher than Spike in terms of basic attacks too. Slick Boots increases his movement speed, but his second star power, Magnum Special, increases his attack range & bullet speed which lets him compete against marksmen too. 

Hiding behind the obstacles can’t save the opponents from Colt. With his gadget Silver Bullet, he can enhance his next bullet that penetrates everything in its path, obstacles and opponents both, and deals twice the damage of a bullet. It’s the most usable gadget among Colt users. 

Spike – One of a Kind

Best Damage Dealer - Spike
Credit: Brawl Stars

Spike is our second-best damage dealer. He shoots a small cactus that explodes on reaching its max range or hitting an enemy and sends out 6 spikes in all directions. Each spike deals the same amount of damage as of the small cactus. The enemy hit by the cactus is also hit by multiple spikes, receiving a lot of damage. 

With his star power Curveball, the spikes curve clockwise, making it easier to hit the targets. He also has a life-saving gadget that grows a cactus in front of him. He can take cover behind it. When the cactus is destroyed, it heals all nearby allies. Another gadget, Popping Pincushion, shoots three waves of spikes in all directions, which makes it a perfect gadget to deal with chasing brawlers. 

His mythical gear and hypercharge enhance his Super, giving it a 30% extra slow effect and a 20% larger area respectively. Enemies in his Super take damage over time and drastically slow them down. Spike can easily make the group of opponent brawlers retreat from the action. Hiding behind the covers is also not an option for his opponents as his spikes can curve and hit them.

Chester – Jack of all Trades

Best Damage Dealer - Chester
Credit: Brawl Stars

Chester – the unpredictable brawler. He shoots a sequence of bells from his cap, first one, then two, and lastly three bells in each basic attack. You can increase it to four bells using his star power – Bell’o’Mania. What makes him the jack of all trades is his Super. He has five different Supers, that change randomly after every use. It makes him unpredictable for both, you and your enemies. 

Candy Popper – He throws a candy popper that explodes, dealing damage to enemies, destroying the obstacles, and also knocking back the enemies.

Jawbreaker – He shorts a large candy that stuns the enemies on hit.

Salmiakki – He sprays a cone of poisonous powder, damaging the enemies over time. 

Pop Rocks – He sprinkles crackling pop rocks on the ground, damaging the enemies over time inside it.

Strong Mint – He eats a refreshing mint that heals him over time.

All these Supers are useful for various situations. But their randomness can put you at risk too if the desired Super doesn’t appear. For those cases, his gadget, Spicy Dice, lets him change the current Super with another random Super. And his star power, Sneak Peak, always shows him his next Super so that you can plan your next move. Chester can be a controller as well as a damage dealer.

Rico – The Lover

Best Damage Dealer - Rico
Credit: Brawl Stars

With very fast reload speed, very long range, and ricochet bullets, Rico is liked by many players. He shoots bullets that can bounce off walls and gains extra range with each bounce. He can angle his shots to shoot the enemies behind the cover. His Super is also similar to his basic attacks. A full burst of bullets that pierce through enemies and also bounce off walls to gain extra range.

He can take advantage of walls to bounce off the bullets and angle them correctly to hit the enemies without getting in the enemies’ line of fire. His star power, Super Bouncy, enhances his basic attacks and Super which deals extra damage after the first bounce. To add more damage options, it has the Multiball Launcher gadget which blasts waves of bouncy bullets in all directions which is super useful in tight spaces. 

It also has a gadget and star power for survivability. Bouncy Castle adds a healing effect to his next basic attack that recovers his HP on each bullet bounce. And Robo Retreat star power increases his movement speed by 34% when his HP falls below 40%. You can use these two items as you like. To retreat and heal, or to chase and kill.

Colette – The Collector

Best Damage Dealer - Colette
Credit: Brawl Stars

Colette is the best tank killer in the game. Her attacks deal damage equal to 37% of the opponent’s current health and her Super deals damage equal to 20% of their max HP twice, minimum of 1000 damage at max level. She also has the hypercharge – Teen Spirit. Her spirit follows her during her Super and damages the enemies on the way.

Start with her basic attack to deal the highest damage based on the opponent’s current HP which will be full, then finish them off with her Super, damaging them twice, each time dealing 20% of their Max HP. If you have no Super, then you can use her gadget, NA-AH!, which enhances her next attack. 

You can also add a shield effect or knockback effect to her Super using the star powers – Push It and Mass Tax. The first star power pushes all the enemies to the farthest point of her Super and the second star power provides her a shield that increases with each enemy hit. Both star powers improve her survivability while maintaining the high damage output.

Surge – Bro

Best Damage Dealer - Surge
Credit: Brawl Stars

Surge is an exception. He starts slow but once upgraded, he can overpower most of the brawlers in the game. Surge at the basic stage has a slow movement speed and normal attack range, which makes it difficult for him to dominate the opponents. However, he can use his Super to upgrade himself, enhancing his abilities. At stage 1, his movement speed is increased drastically. Stage 2 increases his attack range, and stage 3 splits his basic attacks into 6, instead of 2. 

But that’s not all. He can also use his Super to dodge enemy attacks, jump over obstacles, or deal damage to enemies. When he uses his Super, he jumps in the air and deals damage when landing, also knocking them back. But be careful, you will lose all the stages if Surge dies.

Surge’s basic attacks split into 2 on contact with enemies, and at stage 3, split into 6. He has the star power that enables the attacks to split on hitting the wall too. His second star power helps him to maintain his first stage throughout the match. 

When you start the match, you can use the gadget, Power Surge, to temporarily gain Stage 1 and recharge his Super quickly. Then with his second star power, he can keep it for the full match. His second gadget is also useful to defend himself. Power Shield gadget reduces the next damage he receives by 50% and instantly reloads 2 ammo, providing him a chance to defeat the enemy.

Nita – The Untamed

Best Damage Dealer NitaBest Damage Dealer
Credit: Brawl Stars

Nita, one of the oldest brawlers, is still one of the best damage dealer brawlers. She attacks the enemies with shockwaves that damage everyone in its path. She can summon her Kuma to join the fight. The bear can detect the enemies hiding in bushes. 

Her star powers and gadgets are amazing, giving her lots of options for builds, suitable for each game mode. Hyper Bear star power increases her bear’s attack speed by 60%. In Heists, it proves very OP in Heist game mode to destroy the safe. You can combine it with Bear Paws gadget to stun enemies and then deal a lot of damage in a short time.

Her second star power, Bear With Me, recovers the bear’s HP whenever Nita damages an enemy and Nita recovers her HP whenever her bear damages an enemy. You can pair it with the Faux Fur gadget that gives the bear a shield or with the Bear Paws gadget that stuns the enemies. The survival rate increases so much with this star power and gadgets combination.

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