Melodie Brawl Stars – New Assassin Brawler Arriving on 4th April

Hello Brawlers. Are you ready for the new assassin in the Brawl Stars? Melodie will arrive with her mic and tiny monster notes on April 4, 2024, to dominate the stage with her K-pop melodies. In this article, we will share all about Melodie, her stats, basic attacks, Super, gadgets, star power, etc. So, stay with us.

Melodie - Brawl Stars
Credit: Brawl Stars

Melodie Stats

Melodie is a Mythic Assassin Brawler. She has normal movement speed, long attack range, normal reload speed, and moderately high HP.

Health – At level 1, she has 4100 health. She gains 410 health per level which finalizes at 8200 health at the max level.

Attack – Melodie’s basic attack damage and damage per note are 460 & 920 respectively. Upgrading her level increases the damage by 46 and 92 per level respectively.

Range – Her basic attacks can hit enemies up to 8 tiles, and her note range is the 2-tile radius around her.

Basic Attacks: Monster Notes

Melodie’s basic attacks are her tiny monster musical notes. She shoots them from her mic at the enemies. These notes deal low damage. But that’s not her main damage dealers. When the note hits an enemy, a note spawns and reloves around Melodie in a 2-tile radius. This revolving note can pass through walls & obstacles, and piece through enemy brawlers. It lasts for 8 seconds, and deals double the damage of that shooting note on an enemy hit.

She can have up to 3 orbiting notes around her in a triangle formation. After 8 seconds, these notes will disappear in the order they spawn if she doesn’t hit any enemy during that time.

Super: Catchy Chorus

Each time Melodie hits an enemy with her basic attack or orbiting note, her Super charges by 25%. In four enemy hits, her Super will be fully charged. Her Super, Catchy Chorus, allows her to dash 5 tiles in the direction she’s moving or in the Super’s aiming direction. She can dash three times per super. Until she uses all three dashes or is defeated, her Super can’t be charged again.

As Melodie’s main damage source is her orbiting notes which have a short range of 2-tiles, her Super helps her get close to her opponents. And 3 dashes make sure that Melodie has enough moves to chase the opponent again if they try to escape, or she can escape after eliminating the opponent.

Gadgets: Perfect Pitch & Interlude

Melodie Gadget - Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch – Activating it increases the orbiting speed of the notes by 25% and the orbiting radius by 60%, making it from 2 tiles to 3.2 tiles. It lasts for 5 seconds.

Melodie Gadget - Interlude

Interlude – Activating it provides a 15% shield per active orbiting note to Melodie. The shield blocks and reduces the incoming attack damage by 15%, up to 45% at max orbiting notes at its activation moment. The shield decays by 5% every 0.5 seconds, reducing the damage reduction effect.

Star Powers: Fast Beats & Extended Mix

Fast Beats - Melodie Star Power

Fast Beats – When Melodie is equipped with Fast Beats star power, and an orbiting musical note spawns around Melodie after hitting the enemy brawler, then it also increases her movement speed by 8%. Each orbiting note provides this buff effect. So, Melodie can gain up to 24% movement speed boost with all three orbiting notes.

Extended Mix - Melodie Star Power

Extended Mix – With this star power equipped, Melodie’s orbiting musical notes lasts for 25% longer, increasing the duration from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.

Melodie Value Pack Bundle Available in Brawl Stars

Melodie Bundle – Melodie Value Pack Bundle is now available for purchase in the shop. Players can buy it for ₹1799. The bundle contains Melodie brawler, her Pins & Skin, gems, coins, and power points. They will not get it all at once, but in 8 days, Melodie at day 1. Below is the table to show all items unlocked in these 8 days.

Day 1Melodie – Mythic AssassinMelodie Pin - HappyMelodie Pin - Good Game
Day 2Melodie Pin - Thanks2000 Coins
Day 3Melodie Pin - SadMelodie Pin - Angry
Day 4Melodie Pin - Clap2200 Power Points
Day 580 Gems—-
Day 6Melodie Pin - SpecialMelodie Pin - Phew
Day 7Spray - Melodie2000 Coins
Day 8SIF Melodie Skin—-

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