7 Best Marksman Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Marksman brawlers – the nemesis of most brawlers. Marksman class is the best when it comes to wiping out enemies over long distances. They can deal high damage, stay out of other class brawlers’ range, and poke the enemy brawlers, forcing them to retreat.

Best Marksman Brawlers in Brawl Stars

On open maps with less cover for brawlers, marksman brawlers shine the most and can be so annoying for opponents. So, let’s look at which brawlers are currently best in the Marksman class in this article.

Angelo – Bloodthirsty

Angelo - Best Marksman

Angelo is currently the top marksman in the Brawl Stars. He can move on water, he can charge his attacks to increase the damage output, and he can use his Super to strengthen his arrows with poison. With a very long attack range and fast movement speed, he can take down enemies from afar.

He can charge his attacks to up to 2.5 seconds, dealing from 440 to up to 4400 damage depending on charging time at max level. Using his Super, he creates a poison cloud around himself that lasts for 8 seconds. Enemies inside the cloud take damage every second.

When Angelo uses his basic attacks from inside his Super poison cloud, his attacks become poisonous and deal extra damage over time to enemy brawlers. When equipped with the Star Power Empower, his Super also heals his 600 HP every second. The second star power Flow increases his movement speed on water by 25%.

On using the gadget Stinging Flight, Angelo flies into the air for a second and steals 660 HP of nearby enemy brawlers, dealing damage to them and healing himself. While in the air, he is immune to damage. The second gadget Master Fletcher enhances his next basic attack, allowing it to pierce through enemies, walls, and obstacles.

Bonnie – The Reckless

Bonnie - Best Marksman Brawlers

Bonnie and her cannon Clyde, both have different types of basic attacks. In the cannon form, she shoots a huge tooth from the cannon Clyde, dealing moderate damage to enemies over a long range. On using her Super, Clyde launches her at the enemies, dealing damage on landing, and switching to Bonnie & her basic attacks.

In the Bonnie form, she fires three small grenades at the enemies, each exploding & dealing damage in a small radius upon impact. After 16 seconds in this form, her Super recharges completely, and using it transforms her into the cannon form.

The Sugar Rush gadget increases her movement & reload speed by 30% for 5 seconds in the cannon form. When in the Bonnie form, the Crash Test gadget allows her to dash 2 tiles forward, damaging all enemies and knocking them back on hit.

When equipped with the Black Powder star power, her Super’s range is increased by 36%. With the Wisdom Tooth star power, the loose tooth shots from her cannon split into four projectiles, each dealing 25% of her attack damage on enemy hits within 2 tiles.

Maisie – Master of Disaster

Maisie - Best Marksman Brawlers

Maisie uses her fire extinguisher to shoot pressure rockets at the enemies over long distances. The rocket’s travel speed increases the further it goes. She has moderate HP and can manage to fight at mid-range. But if any opponent gets too close to her, she can use her Super to send a shockwave around herself in a 3.33-tile radius, damaging & knocking back the opponent brawlers. When she uses the Super in the hypercharge state, she also shoots 6 basic attacks simultaneously around her at a 60-degree gap along with the shockwave.

On using the Disengage gadget, she blasts the ground and dashes 2.67 tiles forward. The blast also stuns the nearby enemies for 0.5 seconds. Her second gadget Finish Them instantly reloads one ammo on use and enhances her next basic attack that deals damage equal to 30% of the target’s missing HP.

When the Pinpoint Precision star power is equipped, her basic attacks deal 20% more damage at the maximum range. Her second star power Tremords adds the slow effect to her Super. Enemies hit by her Super will be slowed for 2 seconds.

Mandy – Tough Cookie

Mandy - Best Marksman Brawlers

Mandy uses her Candy Dispenser to shoot the candies at the enemy brawlers over 9-tile range. She can also focus by staying still to increase her attack range to 12 tiles. With her Super, she shoots a very long ray of Sugar that can pass through enemy brawlers, walls, and obstacles, and can travel to 40 tiles. It deals 5000 damage (at max level) to all the enemies in its path.

Her gadget, Caramelize, adds the slow effect to her next basic attack which slows down the enemy for 2.5 seconds. The second gadget Cookie Crumbs adds the piercing effect, allowing the next basic attack to piece through enemies & walls.

When the star power, In My Sights, is equipped and Mandy is in the focused state, her attacks cover distance 20% faster. With the Hard Candy Star Power equipped, she receives a shield that reduces all damage taken by 30% when she is in the focused state. While focusing on the attacks leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks, second star power works great to shield you.

Belle – Starr

Belle - Best Marksman Brawlers

Belle uses her electro-gun to shoot a long-range electro-bolt, damaging and sticking to the target. After a second delay, the bolt bounces to another nearest opponent brawler within a 3-tile radius, dealing half of the initial damage, and then bounces to the third brawler within range. The bolt bounces up to 3 times and can bounce on the first target again if it is the nearest target after the second bounce.

Her Super fires a shot that deals low damage but marks the opponent brawler on hit. The marked brawler takes 35% extra damage from all sources like your allies’ attacks, pets, turrets, etc. The mark remains until the brawler is defeated or Belle uses her Super on another target. If Belle misses the Super the second time, the mark will stay on the first target.

Belle also has the hypercharge: Magnetic ability. When active, her Super automatically curves toward the nearest enemy, giving it the homing effect. On using the gadget Next Egg, she places a trap on the ground. It explodes when the enemy walks over it, damaging & slowing down the enemy brawlers within the 3-tile radius for 3 seconds. Her second gadget, Reverse Polarity, allows her next basic attack to bounce off of walls, just like Rico’s ricochet bullets.

When equipped with the Grounded star power, her super prevents the target from reloading for 5 seconds. The Positive Feedback star power gives her a 20% shield every time her basic attack bolt hits an opponent brawler. The shield reduces the damage taken by 20% for 3 seconds.

Nani – Nanny

Nani - Best Marksman Brawlers

Nani has low HP but can massively damage opponent brawlers over long distances. She shoots three light orbs, one in a straight line, and two at different angles which converge with the middle orb towards the target. If the light orbs don’t hit any target at their max range, then the orbs travel 3 more tiles.

Her Super is her flying drone named Peep which she can control using the remote controller. While using the Super, she can’t move from her place, and also the camera follows the drone, Peep. Peep explodes after contact with the enemy or obstacles, dealing massive damage, knocking back the enemy, and destroying walls & obstacles in a small radius. If Nani is defeated, stunned, or knocked back while controlling the Peep, Peep will disappear without the explosion.

Her Autofocus star power increases the Peep’s damage up to 2000 based on the distance covered. The second star power Tempered Steel reduces all damage Nani takes by 80% while using the Super.

She can teleport herself to the Peep location using the Warp Blast gadget, but Peep won’t explode. Her second gadget, Return to Sender, gives her a shield that reduces the next incoming attack damage by 80% and then deals the same amount to the attacker.

Piper – The Sniper

Piper - Best Marksman Brawlers

Piper is the best poke marksman in the Brawl Stars. She fires sniper shots from her parasol which deal greater damage the further they go. So, she’s great at long-range. If someone gets close to her, she can use her Super to get away, up to 8.6 tiles. On using the Super, she jumps up in the air and drops four grenades at her current location. The grenades explode, damaging enemies in the 2-tile radius, knocking them back, and destroying walls & obstacles.

Using the Auto Aimer gadget, she fires a shot at the nearest brawler which deals 170 damage, pushes him back, and also slows him down for a second. Her second gadget Homemade Recipe adds the homing effect on her next basic attack, curving the bullet toward the enemy brawler if he goes out of the line of fire.

When equipped with the star power Snappy Sniping, Piper reloads 0.4 ammo instantly on hitting an enemy with her basic attacks including the Auto Aimer gadget attack. With the star power Ambush equipped and hidden in the bushes, her basic attacks deal extra damage, +1190 damage at max range.

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