10 Best Female Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is full of interesting brawlers from different classes & races, from humans, animals, birds, and plants, to robots, zombies & aliens. The competition is fierce between all Brawlers to be the best. But, today, let’s dive into the list of the 10 best female brawlers in Brawl Stars, each with unique abilities to crush the competition.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Amber is our legendary controller who can fire continuously at the enemy by holding down the fire button, unlike other brawlers who need to tap & release the button to fire. She can fire for 3 seconds with her full ammo bar. In each second, she shoots a total of 10 flames, each dealing 420 damage at max level. Roasting the enemies will only take a few seconds. Also, her fire is piercing and can damage all enemies in her line of fire.

Her Super is a flask of fuel. She can throw it over a long range on the map, and then ignite it using her basic attack’s fire. It burns all the bushes and enemies standing on the fuel. With her mythic gear, Sticky Oil, enemies will also be slowed down by the fuel, giving more time to Amber to ignite the fuel.

As enemies can easily avoid Amber’s Super, Brawl Stars gave her two amazing Star Powers to make up for her shortcomings. Wild Flames Star Power allows her to have two Super fuel puddles on the ground simultaneously. Also, when she stands near one, her Super recharges over time. Her second star power, Scorchin’ Siphon, reloads her firebreathing 50% faster when standing near the fuel puddle. Sometimes it’s better to not ignite the fuel to get other advantages.

The fire Starters gadget increases her movement speed and spills fuel behind her. She also gets the benefits of her star powers from this fuel. The second gadget, Dancing Flames, creates three orbiting flames around her. These flames can also hit the enemies hiding behind the obstacles and deal massive damage. Only 2 hits are enough for full-HP marksman, assassin, and artillery brawlers.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Willow throws her lantern at the enemies, dealing damage to them over time. She can use her gadget Spellbound to enhance her next attack and deal the entire damage instantly rather than over time. Her second gadget, Dive, allows her to dive into a puddle for 2 seconds. During that time, she can’t move or attack, but also enemies can’t target her or hit her. It can be used to survive the last seconds of the match when holding key items.

For her Super, she shoots a tadpole towards the enemy. If the enemy is hit, it fully heals him, and then Willow can control him for 4 seconds and use his basic attacks to attack the opponents. Once the 4 seconds are over, Willow is defeated, or his HP reaches 30%, he will be free. It’s a very handy Super in Brawl Ball and Basket game modes. You can control an enemy, eliminating a defender temporarily, and making it 4v2. Your team can easily score.

Love is Blind, her first star power adds a debuff effect to her basic attacks. It reduces the hit enemy’s reload speed by 25%. Her second star power, Obsession, increases the controlled enemy’s movement speed by 25%.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Emz is one of the most picked controller brawlers. She sprays her hairspray in a cone-shaped area, dealing damage to enemies over time. It can pierce through the enemies too. Enemies in the middle of the spray take the most damage. Her Super creates a toxic cloudy area around herself that slows down the enemies inside that area and damages them over time. That poisonous area also moves with Emz and can damage the enemies behind the covers too.

Her star power, Hype, also adds the HP regeneration effect to her Super, recovering her HP per second for each enemy damaged. The second star power, Bad Karma, buffs her basic attacks to deal increased damage to enemies who stay longer in her hairspray area.

To keep the enemies away from her, she can use the gadget – Friendzoner. It pushes back all the nearby enemies while damaging them. The second gadget, Acid Spray, makes her next attack pass through walls, but at the cost of 10% less damage. It’s still enough to deal a good amount of damage.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Bibi is a tank and uses her baseball bat to deal with the opponents. She has high HP, very fast movement speed, and also high damage output with very fast reload speed. She swings her bat 150 degrees to attack the enemies in front of her.

She charges her Home Run shot when all her attacks are ready. That shot knocks back the enemies. For her Super, she hits and sends out a bouncing ball, damaging the enemies in its path. The ball can bounce off of the walls and damage the opponents again.

In her hypercharge state, her Super ball splits into two balls on hitting an enemy. Both balls deal the same amount of damage. Her Vitamin Booster gadget heals her HP per second for 4 seconds, and her second gadget, Extra Sticky, adds a slow effect to her next Super.

Her star powers take effect when her Home Run shot is ready, one increases her movement speed, and the other reduces all damage taken by 12%.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Colette is a damage dealer whose basic attacks & Super deal damage based on her opponents’ HP. The higher the HP, the higher the damage. She shoots heart-shaped projectiles, each dealing damage equal to 37% of the opponent’s current HP, with a minimum of 1000 damage.

She can enhance her next attack by using the Na-ah! the gadget that deals 1500 extra damage at max level. Using her second gadget, Gotcha!, heals her by 80% of damage dealt to enemies in the next 5 seconds.

Her Super, Time to Collect, damages the enemies based on their max HP while dashing forth and back. In the hypercharge state, her spirit also follows her during her dash and damages the enemies.

Both of her star powers are Super-oriented. While using the Super, the first star power pushes the enemies and the second star power gives her a shield for each enemy hit.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Bea is a marksman with an epic damage output. She shoots a long-ranged bea that deals moderate damage. Upon hitting an enemy, it recharges her next attack which deals an extra 150% damage. But if she misses the supercharged shot, she will lose it.

She can use the Insta Beaload Star Power which instantly supercharges her next shot if she misses a supercharged shot. It can take effect twice, but she won’t get back the supercharged shot if she misses the third time too.

Her second star power, Honeycomb, gives her a shield when she has the supercharged shot. The shield reduces all the damage taken by 30%. Her gadget, Honey Molasses, lets her escape from danger. She drops a beehive and sticky honey in a 4-tile radius around it, which slows down the enemies.

The second gadget, Rattled Hive, spawns 4 angry bees that circle away from Bea in a spiral path. The bees can pass through obstacles and deal more damage to enemies hit the further they go.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

After the hypercharge was added for Jessie, she rose to the ranks, dominating the arena. For her basic attacks, she fires energy orbs that bounce between enemies in range. Her orbs can bounce to up to 3 enemies, dealing 25% less damage each time.

Her Super is a gun turret. She can throw it over the walls too. The gun turret automatically targets the closed enemy. When used in the hypercharged state, it has 50% HP and deals 20% more damage. Her Shocky Star Power adds the bounce effect to the gun turret too. Another star power, Energize, allows Jassie to heal the turret’s HP by attacking it with her basic attacks. The attacks will still bounce to the next target.

Recoil Spring gadget doubles the gun turret’s attack speed. In heist mode, Jassie is the most used brawler with this gadget. Her second gadget, Spark Plug, sends out a shockwave around her turret that slows down all the enemies in its range.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Nita is a damage dealer with high HP and high reload speed. She can damage a group of enemies with her shockwave attacks and summon a bear with higher HP than Nita to join her in battle. The bear attacks the nearest enemy. Using the epic gear – Pet Power, the bear’s attack power can be increased by 25%.

She can give the bear a shield by using the gadget, Faux Fur, which reduces all damage received by 35% for the next 3 seconds. On using the Bear Paws gadget, her bear slams the ground and stuns all the enemies within its range.

With the star power, Hyper Bear, equipped, the bear attacks 60% faster. And with Bear with Me star power, Nita regains HP whenever the bear deals damage to the opponent brawlers, and vice-versa.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Charlie comes with the Super to disable the enemy for up to 5 seconds. Her Super traps the enemy inside a cocoon that lasts for 5 seconds if no damage is taken. During that time, the trapped enemy can’t use his basic attacks, Super, gadgets, etc. With the Digestive Star Power equipped, the cocoon also reduces the enemy’s HP by 25%.

With Slimy star power equipped, using the Super leaves slimy puddles behind it that slow enemies down walking over it. Charlie also has hypercharge, Pestilence, that spawns three spiders from the cocoon. The spiders seek and attack the nearest enemies. She also has a similar gadget named Spiders that spawns three spiders that attack the nearest enemies.

Her second gadget, Personal Space, allows her to cocoon herself to heal 50% of her total HP. As for her basic attacks, she uses a yo-yo. She slings it at the enemies. The yo-yo returns to her after hitting the enemy/wall or reaching the maximum range. Once her yo-yo is returned, she reloads her attack immediately.


Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Mandy defeats her enemies with candies. She uses her candy dispenser and shoots candy at the opponents over a long range. When she stays still, she gains focus, increasing her attack range from 9 tiles to 12 tiles. Her Super, Sugar Ray, has a range of 40 tiles which covers almost the entire map. Upon using her Super, she focuses for 0.75 seconds and then shoots a ray of sugar that passes through obstacles, walls, and enemies, dealing massive damage.

While using Super or attacking with full focus, Mandy can’t move. So, she’s more vulnerable to enemy attacks. To make her more aggressive while staying alive, her both star powers are focused on his focused attacks. The first star power, In My Sights, increases her candy attacks’ speed by 20%, and the second star power, Hard Candy, gives her a shield that reduces all damage taken by 30% while in a focused state. She can add the slow-down effect or piercing effect on her next candy attack using the Caramelize or Cookie Crumbs gadgets respectively.

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