Best Brawler from Each Class in April 2024

Hello, brawlers. The brawlers’ ratings are ever-changing and it’s important always to use the best brawlers during that time. Supercell Brawl Stars nerfs and buffs brawlers to balance them based on their performance. If any brawler is too OP, they will somewhat nerf or change its stats to keep the game fun and fair for all. That’s the reason the brawlers keep changing. 

Class-wise Best Brawlers in March 2024
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In this article, we will share about the Best Brawlers from each class in March 2024. Based on each brawler’s pick rate, use rate, and win rate from March 4th to 22nd, we have picked the brawlers with the best win rate from each class like Marksman, Tank, Support, Assassin, etc. 

Angelo – Marksman

Angelo - Best Marksman in March 2024
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Angelo is the best marksman this month. He can charge his basic attacks to increase the damage output. With long-range, very fast movement speed, and the ability to move over water, Angelo can deal devastating damage while keeping a safe distance from enemies. 

He can use his Super to deal with the brawlers who get too close to him or to strengthen his basic attack. His Super creates a poison cloud around him. Enemies inside these clouds receive poison damage over time. Angelo can stay inside the poison clouds to enhance his basic attacks with poison which deals 25% extra damage four times to enemies over time.

His first gadget, Stinging Flight, can be used to escape or jump over obstacles. And when you use it near an enemy, then it also steals some amount of their HP and heals you. The second gadget, Master Fletcher, can be used to hit the enemies hiding behind the covers. It enhances the next arrow which can pierce through enemies and obstacles. 

With his Super Power, players can choose between mobility and healing. Empower star power adds the healing effect to his Super that heals him over time. And Flow star power increases his movement speed by 25% on water. Both powers provide you with survivability.

Ash – Tank

Ash - Best Tank in March 2024
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Currently, Ash is on top in the tanks. His high HP, fast reload speed, upto very fast movement speed, high damage output, and gadgets to recover HP or increase damage make him a versatile tank. You can make him an aggressive tank as well as a defensive tank. 

Ash has a rage bar with two segments. When he deals or receives damage, he gets angrier and his rage bar accumulates, increasing his damage output & movement speed. Each segment increases Ash’s damage by 50% and movement speed by 50. 

He smashes his broom in a fan-shaped area, sending a shockwave that damages all the enemies in its range. His Super summons 5 robotics rats that chase the closest enemy, exploding upon contact, and greatly increasing his Rage level. It’s better to use the Super when Ash’s Rage is low to refill it. You can also use it to find hidden enemies. 

The Chill Pill gadget is perfect if you want to go defensive. It consumes your Rage and recovers your HP. The higher the Rate, the higher the HP recovery. After that, you can use your Super to increase your Rage again. It’s the best combination. 

His second gadget Rotten Banana is suited with Mad As Heck star power. The gadget consumes your 25% HP and instantly increases 40% rage, while the star power increases your reload speed up to 40%. It’s good for players who play aggressively.

Doug – Support

Doug - Best Support in March 2024
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Yes. Doug is the best support. Not Poco, not Ruffs, not Kit, Gus, or Gray. It’s Doug, the hot dog lover. He splashes the ground in a circular area around him. Not only does that splash deal damage to the enemies but also heals the allies. He comes with high HP just like tanks and high movement speed. It makes him the best support for close-ranged brawlers. He can heal the allies while damaging the enemies. 100% efficient, not wasting any basic attack features. 

His Super is a rule-breaker in the fights. He throws a hot dog towards his ally. It has a long range and can pass through obstacles. When the ally with the hot dog dies within 5 seconds, he comes back to life with 100% HP at the same place with additional ammo. Doug can use it on himself too. 

When Doug’s Super resurrects you or your ally, they don’t get the invincibility like when spawning at the base. But you can use the Fast Food star power to increase their movement speed by 100 points for 3 seconds, which will be enough to retreat or charge again at the enemies. 

His first gadget doubles his next healing effect on allies but won’t deal any damage to enemies, and his second gadget doubles his next attack’s damage to enemies, but won’t heal the allies. You can use the second gadget with the Super and charge at the enemies to deal high damage. 

His second star power, Self Service, can be useful in fights that heal him 20% of his max damage. Using the second gadget to double his next attack damage also doubles this star power’s healing effect.

Sam – Assassin

Sam - Best Assassin in March 2024
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You may not believe it, but Leon and Crow are not at the top in March. This spot is taken by Sam. He wears knuckles and punches the opponents twice, dealing a lot of damage. He has high HP so he can easily fight in close ranges, and has high speed with his knuckles on. 

When knuckles on, his Super throws his knuckle busters and deals damage to all the enemies in its path. Then  Sam gains a movement speed boost and fights with his fists, dealing half the damage. His attack bar also refills much faster. Using the Super again will return the knuckles to Sam, damaging the enemies in between. Sam can also go to the knuckles to pick them up without using the Super. 

His first gadget, the Magnetic Field, is usable when his knucklebusters are on the ground. Using it will pull in all the nearby enemies toward the knucklebusters. His second gadget adds the knockback effect to his next knuckles-on Super. When the knuckle busters land on the ground, it release an electric pulse around it and knocks back all the nearby enemies.

Hearty Recovery Star Power is a super handy power. It heals Sam’s 20% HP every time he picks up his knuckles. And Sam’s Super is always ready when he has his knuckles on. If you and the opponent are near the walls, you can use Super to throw them towards the wall, then pick it up to recover HP. This method can heal you quickly after a fight. 

His second star power, Remote Recharge, charges his Super when the enemies are near his knuckle busters. The more enemies near the knuckles, the quicker the Super charges. So, you don’t have to forcibly engage in fights to retrieve them. Just wait and let your Super charge. Then you can retrieve them with ease.

Nita – Damage Dealer

Nita - Best Damage Dealer in March 2024
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While Chuck is a great damage dealer, Nita proves to be a better damage dealer in March with a higher win rate than Chuck. She damages enemies with her shockwaves which have a very fast reload speed. She can summon a big Bear with high HP & moderate damage to fight along with her. 

Also, she also has epic gear that increases the bear’s damage by 25%. Her Hyper Bear Star Power can be used with this gear which increases the bear’s attack speed by 60%. You can directly throw your Super at the opponent brawler to summon the bear near the enemy. Then with the Bear Paws gadget, you can stun the enemies within the bear’s range. It will allow you and your bear to easily defeat the opponents. 

As the bear’s movement speed is slow, opponents can kill it before it gets close to them. In these cases, Faux Fur gadget is helpful. Using it reduces all damage to bear by 35% for 3 seconds. You can also pair it with Hyper Bear star power. 

With her second star power, Bear with Me, equipped, when any of them deals damage to the enemy, it heals the other one. Nita will recover HP when the bear deals damage, and the bear will recover HP when Nita deals damage. Engage in combat together will be more effective with this star power.

Larry & Lawrie – Artillery

Larry & Lawrie - Best Artillery in March 2024
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Larry & Lawrie is the best Artillery Brawler in the Brawl Stars. In most maps and game modes, he can easily dominate the opponents. His Super, Basic attacks, and gadgets let him handle all kinds of situations. 

His basic attacks throw a ticket bundle that explodes twice on landing, with very little delay between explosions, and damages nearby enemies. You can predict your enemies’ movement and time your attacks a little ahead of them to deal maximum damage with both explosions. Brawlers with slow movement speed are easy targets for Larry. 

Larry’s Super is super helpful in locating opponents hiding in bushes. Using the Super, Larry summons his twin, Lawrie. Then Lawie automatically tracks the opponents and shoots them with his gun. Lawrie shoots 3 bullets in a fan-shaped area, each dealing 1400 damage at max level. 

Artillery brawlers are at a disadvantage when someone chases them. It’s difficult for them to position their projectiles in the right place. But Larry has a card up in his sleeve to handle someone chasing them. His gadget Order: Swap swaps his weapon with Lawrie’s gun. Then he can shoot the gun and Lawrie throws the explosive bundles until Larry is defeated or uses the gadget again.

With the star power, Protocol: Assist, when Lawrie is in your range and damages enemies, it refills 30% of your ammo.

You can also build survival-based builds using the Order: Fall Back gadget and Protocol: Protect star power. When you use this gadget, both of you dash toward each other and heal 33% of HP. Equipping the Protocol: Protect star power, Larry takes 30% less damage when Lawrie is within 12-tile range by transferring the damage to Lawrie.

Mr. P – Controller

Mr. P - Best Controller in March 2024
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Mr. P throws a suitcase at the enemies. The suitcase deals damage to the enemy on hit and then bounces over him, dealing the area damage. It also bounces on hitting the obstacles or reaching the maximum range. Enemies staying still or running away from you will take the damage from both, the suitcase hit & its bounce. 

His Super places a home base that spawns penguin-head robots named porters. The porter automatically chases after the closest opponent brawler and attacks him. Once the porter is destroyed, the home base spawns another porter after 4 seconds. As long as the home base is present, it can spawn porters. 

His Revolving Door Star Power increases the porters’ HP and damage by 20% & 30% respectively. He also has the epic gear that increases the porters’ damage by 25%. You can use them both to have high damage-dealing porters. The second star power, Handle With Care, increases his suitcase’s after-bounce damage by 40% every 4 seconds.

Service Bell, Mr. P’s first gadget, buffs his current porter, increasing its size, damage & HP. The porter with half or low HP will recover all its HP after using this gadget. His second gadget, Porter Reinforcements, spawns a porter where his suitcase lands after the basic attack. You can use it to force opponents to use their ammo on them, or to track the hidden opponent brawlers when you don’t have Super.

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