9 Best Support Brawlers in April 2024

Support class brawlers have the basic attacks or Supers that give the teammates various buffs like HP regeneration, healing, Movement Speed boost, damage buff, shield, etc. They are weak on their own but with their teammate, they can be an important aspect of team victory. In this article, we have shared the best Support Brawlers based on their Win Rate from March 3rd to 24th. Let’s dive in without any further ado.

Best Support Brawlers in Brawl Stars
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Doug – The Hot Dog

Unlike other support long-range brawlers, Doug is a close-ranged support brawler. He is best with tanks & damage dealers and can join them in fights at the frontline. His basic attacks splash the ground around him in a circle, damaging the enemies and healing the teammates simultaneously.

Using the gadgets Double Sausage or Extra Mustard, he can focus his next attack to deal double the damage but no healing, or double the healing but no damage respectively. When you are alone or your allies don’t need healing, Double Sausage’s double damage effect is better. And when you are with the marksman or artillery brawlers, then you can use Extra Mustard to double heal them to join the frontline brawlers quickly.

Doug - Best Support in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

With his Super, he gives a hot dog to his ally or himself for 5 seconds. If the brawler with the hot dog dies during that time, he will be resurrected at the spot with full HP. Also, they won’t drop gems in Gem Grab mode and power cubes in Showdown mode.

His star power Fast Food also gives the movement boost to the brawler resurrected by his Super for 3 seconds. Doug’s basic attack only heals the allies and not himself. Using the Self Service Star Power, his basic attacks can also heal him.

Pam – Your Mom

Pam - Best Support Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Pam is Jessie’s mother and a support brawler. She shoots 9 pieces of scrap metal in a large cone-shaped area. It’s hard for her to deal consistent damage to brawlers at long distances due to high ammo spread. However, at close range, she can hit most of her scrap metal pieces to the opponent, dealing high damage. She has high HP, so she can engage in closed-quarter fights too.

Her Super is the healing turret that heals her and the allies inside its range until it’s destroyed. She can equip the mythic gear, Super Turret, to increase the turret’s healing effect by 20%. When she uses the Pulse Modulator gadget, the turret emits a pulse that instantly heals all the allies for 1920 HP inside its range. On equipping Mama’s Squeeze star power, the turret also damages the enemies per second in its range.

On activating her second gadget, Scrapsucker, her next attack removes the opponent brawlers’ ammo by 25% on hit and reloads 50% of her ammo. When Pam hits the enemy brawlers with the star power Mama’s Hug equipped, she heals herself and allies in a 4-tile radius for 96 HP.

Gus – The Lost

Gus - Best Support Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Gus attacks the enemy brawlers with his balloons. With each hit, his spirit bar refills. Once filled, Gus’s next attack spawns a spirit on the enemy hit. He or his allies can collect this spirit to restore some amount of their HP. There can be up to 10 spirits on the map. Using the Kooky Popper gadget explodes all the uncollected spirits, dealing 2000 damage to nearby enemy brawlers. Activating the second gadget, Soul Switcher, refills his spirit bar instantly at the cost of 5% of his HP.

With his Super, Spooky Boy, Gus can give himself or his allies a shield that can take from 2600 to 5200 damage, depending on Gus’s level. His Super can be passed through walls and obstacles when giving to an ally. His star power Health Bonanza doubles the HP restored from the spirits and Spirit Animal increases the brawler’s damage by 25% for 5 seconds on receiving the shield.

Ruffs – Colonel

Ruffs - Best Support Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Ruff fires two parallel lasers which can bounce off the walls. Each laser is independent of the other and one’s bounce doesn’t affect the other’s. You can angle them to hit the enemies behind the covers. With his Super, he calls down a supply drop that damages the opponent brawlers in its range and knocks them back. Then it leaves behind a power-up. Ruff or his allies can pick it up to increase their damage output by 20% and HP by 700.

A brawler can have only one power-up and lose the power-up effects if defeated. Also, only one power-up can be present on the field at a time.

If the star power Air Superiority is equipped, then the Super’s supply drop deals 120% extra damage and also destroys the walls & obstacles in its range. His second star power, Field Promotion, increases the allies’ max HP by 30 every second who are in Ruff’s 3.33-tile radius.

With his gadget, Take Cover, he throws three sandbags around him in a triangle formation. Each sandbag’s HP is equal to Ruff’s 35% HP. These sandbags block the enemy brawlers’ attacks. Ruff can still shoot his laser gun over these sandbags. His second gadget, Air Support, calls an air strike at the nearest enemy brawler, dropping 9 missiles around him, each dealing 1200 damage and knocking them back on hit.

Kit – Meow

Kit - Best Support Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Kit uses his claws to attack the enemies at close range. He has high movement speed and high reload speed, but low HP. But that’s not his main power. With his Super, he can jump and attach to a brawler. If he jumps on an enemy brawler, then he attaches to them for 2 seconds and deals damage over time.

When he jumps on an ally, he attaches to him for 10 seconds and heals him over time. Also, during that time, he gains new basic attacks. He throws yarn balls over long distances, that explode after a delay and deals very high damage. The Overly Attached star power increases the friendly-attached time by 5 seconds. Using the Cheeseburger gadget, he instantly restores 40% HP of himself and the friendly brawler he is attached to.

His second power is specially designed for showdown mode. With it equipped, he gains double the HP and damage from each power cube. When you use his second gadget, Cardboard Box, he hides in a cardboard box and becomes invisible for 5 seconds. If he stands still for that time, his Super recharges 100% faster.

Poco – El Mariachi

Poco - Best Support Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Poco plays his guitarrón and releases a musical wave in a wide area, damaging all the enemy brawlers in its range. When Poco is equipped with Da Capo star power, then his basic attacks also heal the ally brawlers for 962 HP.

On using his Super: Encore, he sends out a larger musical wave in a wider & longer area that heals his & all the allies’ HP in range. With the Screeching Solo star power, it also deals 1520 damage to the enemies.

His Tuning Fork gadget releases a musical wave around Poco in a 3-tile radius and heals him & his allies 740 HP per second for 5 seconds. The second gadget, Protective Tunes, removes all negative effects like stun, poison, slow effect, frost, etc. from him & his allies and makes them immune to negative effects for the next 4 seconds.

Gray – The Shady

Gray - Best Support Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Gray uses his finger-gun bullets to hit the enemies. It has a long-range and fast reloading speed. With his Super: Dimensional Doors, he creates a set of doors, one at his location and another where he aims his Super. He and his allies can use these doors to quickly teleport between them. When a brawler teleports using these doors, the doors close and reopen after 3 seconds for teleportation.

When equipped with the New Perspective star power, they also recover 1320 HP each time they teleport. His second star power, Fake Injury, reduces the damage taken by 50% when Gray has full HP.

On activating the Walking Cane gadget, his next attack shoots a walking cane. It can also pass through obstacles. When it hits an enemy, it pulls him in a little towards Gray. When he uses his next attack after activating the second gadget: the Grand Piano, it leaves a mark on the ground, where a grand piano falls and deals damage in a 2-tile radius. It also destroys walls & obstacles and knocks back enemy brawlers.

Byron – The Sensational

Byron - Best Support Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Byron has a very long attack range, fast reload speed and normal movement speed. He shoots non-piecing darts that can hit both, allies and enemies. These darts heal the allies over time and damage the enemies over time. The effects can also stack.

With his Super: Full Treatment, he throws a vial that splashes in a 2.67-tile radius, healing the allies and damaging the enemies simultaneously in that area. When equipped with Malaise star power, it also reduces the enemy brawlers’ HP regeneration & healing from all sources by 75%.

If equipped with Injection star power, then his basic attack can pierce through brawlers every 3.5 seconds. On using the Shot in the Arm gadget, he consumes one of his dart shots and heals himself for 1200 HP per second for 3 seconds. His second gadget: Booster Shots allows him to shoot 3 darts at once, each dealing 20% less damage and 40% less healing than the normal dart.

Max – I Am Speed

Max - Best Support Brawlers in March 2024
Credit: Supercell / Nullsbrawl.org

Max is a mythic brawler with very fast movement speed, long attack range and fast reload speed. She fires 4 projectiles from her blaster, each dealing moderate damage. With her Super, she boosts the movement speed of her and her allies, who are in her 4-tile radius, for 4 seconds. In Brawl Ball mode, it’s an amazing Super to score.

Her first star power Super Charged allows her to charge her Super while moving, and the second star power Run n’ Gun reloads her ammo faster while moving. When she uses the Phase Shifter gadget, she dashes 3.33 tiles forward and becomes immune to all the damage she takes while dashing.

When she uses her second gadget: Sneaky Sneakers, she places a thunderbolt icon at her current location. After 3 seconds, she teleports back to that icon and recovers the HP she lost in the meantime.

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