How Many Game Modes Are There in Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is one of the best games by Supercell, the creator of another popular title Clash of Clans. With over a hundred million downloads, it’s the best 3v3 battle royale with a mix of MOBA. It features a diverse range of brawlers with unique attack styles & powers, and varieties of game modes to keep the game fun all the time. Today, we are going to talk about all its game modes. So, let’s dive right in. 

Types of Game Modes in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars features many game modes, like more than 15 modes, with interesting & exciting gameplay and objectives. Each mode has its unique challenges & fun. We can also categorize them into multiple types as follows:

  • Trophy Game Modes
  • Ranked Mode
  • Special PvE and PvP Events

Trophy Game Modes

Trophy game modes reward you with trophies to reach the highest leagues on the trophy road. You can earn trophies with each brawler to collect more trophies. Each brawler has their independent trophy tiers, and your league in the trophy road is the collection of all the trophies of all your brawlerYouyou will be matched against the same trophy-tier play when playing with new brawlers. Below are the trophy game modes:

Gem Grab

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In this mode, there is a gem mine in the middle of the stage which mines a gem at regular intervals. Two teams of 3 players will compete to grab more gems. The player will drop all the carried gems when killed. Once a team gets 10 gems or more, the timer will start and the team has to defend the gems until the timer hits zero. 

Brawl Ball

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A football match between two teams, each with 3 brawlers. Use your Super, Gadgets, and unique attack styles along with your football skills to score two goals before the other team. The match will last for 2 minutes, 30 seconds. If both teams score no goals or have 1 goal, then all the obstacles will be removed, giving players one extra minute in an open field to score the goal. 


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It’s a best-of-three knockout mode. In it, the eliminated player will not resurrect in the current round. After half-time, the poison clouds will start filling the field from all sides. A team will win the round by eliminating all three opponents. The team who wins two rounds first will win the match. 


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A pure player-killing mode. Go and get as many stars as you can with your teammates by killing your opponents. When a player kills an opponent, his bounty increases by one star, up to 7 stars. Killing a high-bounty player rewards you with more stars. At the start of the match, there will be a blue tiebreaker star in the center. If both teams have the same number of stars at the end of the match, then the team with the blue star will win. 


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Both teams have a valuable safe on their sides. They have to destroy the opponent’s safe while protecting their own to win the match. If unable to do so in the given time, then the team with the most damage dealt will win the match.


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It’s a survival mode, featuring solo and duo gameplay. You can go solo against 9 players or in a team against four teams to be the only man standing. There will be many boxes on the field. You can break them to get power gems that enhance your HP & damage greatly. Players also drop their power gems when killed. Over time, the poisonous clouds cover the field from all sides. The player or team to last till the end will win the match.

Hot Zone

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In this mode, there will be one to three hot zones or red circles you can say, depending on the map. Staying inside a zone gives points to the player’s team over time. The zone will be captured by the team who achieved certain points first. The team with the most captured zones wins the match.

Wipe Out

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It’s a 3v3 team death match. The first team to get 10 points by killing opponents will win the match.

Basket Brawl

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The stage will be divided into two sides, left your team’s and right opponents’. The basketball will appear at the center. Fight to get the ball and shoot it in the opponent’s hoop. If you shoot from inside the line, then you will earn 2 points. A shot from outside the line is worth 3 points. The first team to reach 5 points will win the match. 


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It’s a 1v1 mode. Both players can select their 3 brawlers to fight with. When a player wins the round, he will play the next round with the same brawler while the opponent is with his second brawler. The player who defeats the opponent’s all three brawlers will win the match.


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In this mode, both teams will compete to push their minecart to bring it to the goal. Standing near the team’s cart will push it. You can also stand near the opponent’s cart to slow them down from reaching their goal. The team who reaches the goal first or covers more distance will win the match. 

Trophy Escape

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In this mode, 10 players will compete against each other to collect the most trophies. At the start of the match, there will be some robots with trophies. Players can kill them to collect trophies and then hunt other players to get their trophies. When the half of players are left or the end timer starts, the portals open. Players can use these portals to escape from the hunt. 

Ranked Mode

The ranked mode comes with its leagues, completely apart from the trophy road. Playing in the ranked mode doesn’t give you brawler trophies, but rank points to climb higher leagues. The leagues are from bronze to legendary leagues. What’s so special about this mode is its special modifiers and random modes.

It features all the game modes from the trophy road. But unlike trophy modes, you can’t select any specific mode in ranked. A random mode will be selected with a modifier. Timed detonation, quickfire, and big friend are the modifiers only available in ranked matches. The first modifier destroys certain obstacles after every 5 seconds until none is left. The big friend modifier increases all the teammates’ HP to the maximum HP brawler on the team.

Special PvE & PvP Game Modes

From time to time, Brawl Stars features some special game mode events. These events are purely for fun and don’t contribute towards trophies or ranks. Some of the events are as follows:

Robo Rumble

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It’s a PvE mode where a team of 3 brawlers will defend a safe from the robots’ attacks. There will be a total of 9 waves, each wave with a different number & type of robots. A boss robot will spawn in the 4th wave. The match will last for 2 minutes. Until then, you will have to defeat all the incoming robots and defend the safe. Each time you win a match, the difficulty level will increase from normal, hard, expert to master, and insane 1-16. 

Big Game

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It’s a 1v5, PvP mode. Five players with their normal brawlers will fight against one player with a big enhanced brawler. The big brawler has high HP, Damage, movement speed, and reload speed. However, he can’t regenerate their HP naturally and his healing abilities will be greatly reduced. The match will last for 2 minutes. If the player with a big brawler survives for 2 minutes, then he will win. Other players will win by defeating the big brawler in 2 minutes. 

Boss Fight

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Another PvE mode but with no time limit. A team of 3 players will fight against a boss robot. You will win the match by defeating the boss robot. But it will not be so simple. The boss robot can use various types of attacks, summon robots, and also enhance himself with anger and rage at higher levels. The difficulty level increases from normal to insane 16 after every victory, increasing the Boss’ HP & damage. 

At first, it only uses melee attacks, shoots rockets, and summons small robots. But as you progress to higher levels, it charges toward you, breaking everything in its path, starts shooting lobbed rockets that engulf the area in flames, dealing continuous damage, and gets furious, increasing its damage & speed. It also gets enraged at Insane 2 difficulty and its normal rockets also pierce through walls. 

Eliminated players can resurrect as long as any one player is alive. The match will be over when no player remains alive.

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