Best Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Hello Brawlers, how’s your brawling going? Are you getting enough trophies to reach higher leagues or are you stuck at a tier with constant wins and losses? With the Brawl Stars’ Starr Road – brawler unlocking system, you can open any legendary brawler you like. But there are many legendary brawlers, each with a different playstyle and suitable for different situations. 

Best Legendary Brawler
Credit: Brawl Stars

So, which legendary brawler is the best? It’s time-consuming to check all the legendary brawlers, read their attack, super, gadgets & star power info, and test them in the matches. So, here we are with a list of the best legendary brawlers in Brawl Stars. 

Spike – Best Damage Dealer

Credit: Brawl Stars

Spike is one of the best damage dealer brawlers with the hypercharge. His basic attacks are cactuses that explode after reaching their maximum range or hitting the enemy and release spikes in all directions. But what makes his basic attacks more deadly is his star power – curveball. 

With the curveball star power, the spikes fly in a curving motion, making it easier to hit the enemies. It also increases the chance of hitting the enemies hiding behind the covers. His Super deals damage to the enemies in an area per second and slows them down. You can enhance his Super by using Hypercharge and Sticky Spikes Gear which increases the Super area and slow effect. 

You can also make an HP sustainable build to increase survivability. Life Plant gadget grows a cactus that provides you cover and when destroyed, heals all nearby allies. And you add the HP regeneration ability to his Super using the Fertilize star power. Depending on your playstyle, you can use the pure burst damage build or life sustainability build with Spike. 

Crow – Best Assassin

Credit: Brawl Stars

Crow is the best assassin in the Brawl Stars. He throws three poisonous daggers that damage the hit enemies over time and reduce their all kinds of healing effects by 40%. Enemies will also be revealed in the bushes for the duration. For opponents, he’s the most annoying presence on the battlefield. 

His Super allows him to jump over long distances, and he releases poisonous daggers in all directions while taking off and landing. Chasing the running opponents and cutting his path off is an easy task for him. He also has Hypercharge that makes his Super daggers pierce the enemies and then come back to him, damaging the enemies twice. 

Crow also has the mythic gear – Enduring Toxins which increases his poison damage by 30%, and the Star Power – Carrion Crow which deals extra damage to enemies with half or lower HP. To make matters worse for enemies, he has the gear – Slowing Toxin which slows down the poisoned enemies. Escaping from Crow is impossible, making him the best assassin in the game. 

That’s not all. Players also use the star power – Extra Toxic which reduces the poisoned enemies’ damage by 15%, and the gear – Defense Booster which gives Crow a shield that reduces nearly half of incoming damage. I recommend using the burst build with Carrion Crow and Slowing Toxin. 

Cordelius – Best All-Rounder

Credit: Brawl Stars

Cordelius is another legendary assassin, but it’s not wrong to say that he’s the best supportive assassin or all-rounder, given his Super. He also comes with the trait that charges his Super when he stays close to opponents. 

His Super shoots a Shadow Mushroom that passes through walls and transfers the enemy brawler into the Shadow Realm on hit along with him for 8 seconds. And he gains 30% higher movement speed and 30% faster reload speed. During these 8 seconds, no one can interfere with you two. 

His Hypercharge slows down the enemy in the Shadow Realm. His star power also enhances his Super by spawning three mushrooms that Cordelius can pick to heal himself and deal damage to the target. Another star power enhances his second basic attack damage by 30% on the same target. He also got a gear to silence the opponent, preventing him from attacking. All these gears, star power & hypercharge abilities make him a deadly assassin.

You can use his Super to temporarily remove one opponent in the Brawl Ball, giving allies more opportunity to score. In the Gem Grab, save your ally by transferring the incoming brawler that can probably kill the ally and steal the gems. There are many scenarios where you can use him as a support brawler. 

Leon – Sneaky Assassin

Credit: Brawl Stars

Leon fires four spinner blades with high movement speed and long firing range. His blades deal less damage the farther the enemies are, but his Super makes up for this limitation. His Super makes him invisible for 6 seconds, which can be increased to 8 seconds using the mythic gear – Lingering Smoke. Attacking the enemies breaks the invisibility.

Now, players can use the Star Power – Smoke Trails or Invisiheal to gain a 30% movement speed boost or HP regeneration respectively while Leon’s Super is active. The first power allows him to chase the enemies and get close to them to deal more damage. The second power’s HP recovery ability lets Leon escape critical situations and heal himself while also allowing him to chase the enemy to defeat him. 

He also has very useful gadgets – Clone Projector which creates his clone to confuse the opponents, and Lollipop Drop which creates a stealthy area in which his allies become invisible. His Hypercharge – Limbo allows him to attack the enemies without breaking the invisibility. He is the real sneaky assassin, the best to take down the key opponent to reverse the most critical situation in his favor.

Amber – Continuous Damage Dealer

Credit: Brawl Stars

Amber is the only brawler that fires continuously on holding down the fire button, until her flame bar depletes to zero, which takes 4 seconds. She shoots long-ranged flames every tenth of a second, dealing 420 damage per flame at max level. In a second, 10 flames, 4200 damage. And you can fire for 4 seconds without any delay between flames. 

If any opponent brawler is chasing you or running away from you, defeating him with Amber is so easy and fast. She also has a high reload speed which can be increased by an additional 15% using her epic gear. 

Her Super, Torch ‘em, throws a flask of fuel. Then she can light it up using her basic attack. It burns all the enemies & bushes standing in the area. She also has a mythic gear, Sticky Oil, which slows down enemies standing on the oil. 

To non-stop dominate the opponents, she comes with two amazing star power. First, Wild Flames star power allows her to have two fuel flasks on the ground. Also, her Super recharges automatically when she stands near the fuel. Second, Scorchin’ Siphon reloads her firebreathing 50% faster when she near the fuel. 

Opponents usually take cover behind the objects to reload their attacks, recover HP, or escape from Amber. In those cases, her gadget, Dancing Flames, proves very helpful. It creates 3 orbiting flames around Amber for 5 seconds that deal heavy damage on hit. These flames can pass through obstacles too. So, you can hit them with these. 2 hits are enough to take down most brawlers.

Sandy – Best Controller

Credit: Brawl Stars

Sandy is the best controller in the game. He has abilities to provide great support to allies and deal AOE damage to enemies. He shoots pebbles that can pierce the enemies and damage the enemies behind. He can summon a sandstorm over a large area using his Super that lasts for 9 seconds. In the sandstorm, you and your teammates will be invisible to the opponents, unless receive damage or opponents come too close to them. 

With his mythic gear, Exhausting Storm, enemies deal less damage to you & your allies inside the sandstorm. The star power, Healing Winds, adds the healing ability to his Super that heals all the teammates per second inside the sandstorm. You can also make it damaging using the Rude Sands star power which damages the enemies over time. 

He also has a gadget – Sweet Dreams which adds a special effect to his next attack that makes the opponent sleep for a second. That time is enough to call for backup, reload your next attack, or escape from death’s clutch. Additionally, his second gadget – Sleep Stimulator fully restores his health in 1.5 seconds. 

You can control the flow of the game with Sandy. Hiding your teammate with most gems in Gem Grab, healing them using star power, flanking the enemies, ambushing the enemies, and retreating, Sandy’s Super is useful in all kinds of situations, whether it’s to attack or escape. 

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