The Amber and Mr.P summer campaign: Submit your creation before 12 April

Hi, a new Supercell Make Campaign has recently started and it’s active until 12 April. This time, we have The Amber and Mr.P summer campaign and the theme here is “A Summer of Fire and Ice”. If you love drawing, it’s your chance to be creative and submit your creation. You can visit this link to submit. The rules are simple: you should not use AI, be creative, keep your creations as the theme, and most importantly, brawlers should look like Brawlers in your creation.

About Amber and Mr.P: Amber is a legendary brawler with a Controller class. She loves to play with fire and brings heat to the battle! Speaking of her basic attack, she shoots fire in the air at a pretty long range and also reloads her weapon faster. Her Super “Torch ‘Em!” is also amazing as she throws a flask of her fire fluid. Her Super can show enemies in the bushes as well.

Mr.P is also a Mythic rarity, Controller Class Brawler. Mr.P has average health and damage. He is a type of brawler who is always angry even during attacks. He only looks cute but he is so harsh on his employees. Speaking of his basic attacks, he throws heavy suitcases at his opponents. His suitcase can bounce and damage the opponents. When he uses his Super “Porters! Attack!”, he deploys his penguin-head mini robots to attack his opponents. When the mini robot shoots the opponents, it will also recharge his Super.

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What is Supercell Make?

Credit: Supercell

Supercell Make is one of the official websites of Supercell where you can submit, vote, and share community-made content. You are only able to submit when there is a live campaign going on. You can get the Supercell Make Campaign information from the game itself or the official social media pages such as X (Twitter).

So, why there is a Supercell Make, and is it worth your time? Well, yes, if you are an artist and love to make drawings and character creations, it’s great to spend your time participating in the Supercell Make Campaigns.

Supercell launched Supercell Make some years ago in 2020. It did because they wanted to offer us a platform where we could share our creativity and make content for its games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Hay Day, Brawl Stars, etc. So, right now, we have Supercell Make. Here, we can share and create whatever theme is going on currently. Right now, the Summer of Fire and Ice campaign is live until 12 April 2024. Artists are already sharing their best creations for The Amber and Mr.P! If you also love making art, why not post your creations too? Maybe they will add in the official game as well.

How can you submit your creation in Supercell Make?

Credit: Supercell

You can visit the Supercell Make Official Website to submit your creation. Also, you should know that to submit your creation, you will need to log in via Supercell ID.

Follow these guidelines

If you don’t want your post to be removed, you should follow these official guidelines before submitting to Brawl Stars’ The Amber and Mr.P summer campaign.

  • As Brawl Stars is a cartoony game, your art should be cartoony and match the Brawler’s behavior.
  • The post should be violent and the theme should not be dark.
  • Your post should be funny child-friendly, and Toylike.
  • Make your creation colorful.
  • Do not copy others and make your post unique.
  • You will need a Turnaround, Thumbnail, and Description while posting in the campaign.
  • When you are submitting, make sure you add all the details such as front, back, and side-view.
  • Do not use text in your thumbnail.
  • Add a proper description!
  • You can add more images of size: 3456x2520px.
  • The Supported image formats that you can submit are jpg and png.

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