The #100StarrDrops Community event is complete and you can claim it now

If you have participated in the #100StarrDrops Community event, it’s a great news that right now, you can claim the reward from the shop. If you are new and haven’t noticed this event, you should know that you will need 400 trophies at least to participate to claim the starr drops.

Also, those who are lucky and going to get 100 Legendary Drop, this news will announce later the day after this event is over, on 26 March.

You can check this video to see, how it looks when you open the 100 Starr Drops, it looks funny but it’s real. I am afraid what will happen to low-end smartphones, will they get stuck on what?

The 100 Starr Drops Community Event is ending on 25 March 2024 but its already completed four days before its completion timer. This seems a great news as we can see that there is a boost of players in Brawl Stars. The event started on 15 March where Brawl Stars community needed to reach 1.5 Billion rare star drops before 25 March. But yesterday, the Brawl Stars official X Page announced that this event is already completed. They tweeted:

The #100StarrDrops Community event is complete! 🤯
As a result we’re currently seeing a huge increase in the number of players, so we need to do some more preparation work for the game servers, or else they might melt away 🥔💀
So, in order for everyone to have the smoothest experience possible when claiming the rewards, we are planning to release the 100 frigging Starr Drops for everyone TOMORROW!
We don’t have a specific time right now, but they will 100% be available tomorrow. So for now, go touch grass ❤️

Brawl Stars Official Tweet

The main thing here is that Supercell is afraid that their Brawl Stars servers can be down as the increase in players recently. They are working and preparing for making their servers broad enough to handle these many players. Also, they don’t want players to get their game stuck on screen while receiving the 100 Starr Drops. Today, on 22 March, players are able to get the 100 Stars in Brawl Stars as the official tweet stated and you can get the reward now!

During the maintenance break after the completion of #100StarrDrops Community event, there were some crucial fixes and improvement in the Brawl Stars Servers so the players won’t have any issues while collecting the Starr Drops.

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