#100StarrDrops Community Event is ending on 25 March

#100StarrDrops Community Event in Brawl Stars is ending on 25 March. It started on 15 March 2024. If you don’t know about this community event, let me explain. The whole Brawl Stars community needs to complete a goal of getting 1.5 Billion Rare Star Drops before 25 March (which is huge I know). But you can only participate in this event if you have a minimum of 400 trophies. This event is not for new players.

  • Log in daily to get one Star Drop in the shop during the #100StarrDrops Community Event.
  • Complete the tracking bar to get 100 Star Drops.
  • To progress in the event, players must get a rare star drop (which has a 50% possibility rate when you get a Star Drop). Only then the progress bar will move.
  • Players who get more & more rare star drops can win the Mega Prize where the Top 100 Players can get 100 Legendary Star Drops.

#100StarrDrops Community Event Progressing Bar Rewards

  • 300 Million Rare Starr Drops collected – Double Daily Starr Drops
  • 600 Million – 1 Random Starr Drop
  • 900 Million – 3 Random Starr Drops
  • 1.2 Billion – 5 Random Starr Drops
  • 1.5 Billion – 100 Random Starr Drops

A Reddit Player Did The Math on 100 Star Drops – You must see

100 Starr Drops Math
byu/RandomGUY44100 inBrawlstars

Is there any Official video regarding the #100StarrDrops Community Event?

What are Starr Drops in Brawl Stars?

Starr Drops is a unique kind of reward system in Brawl Stars. Players can win Starr Drops when they have reached a minimum of 50 trophies. In June 2023, this was introduced. So, how will you get Starr Drops and what are the benefits?

To get Starr Drops, you need to win! Players can win up to three Starr Drops every single day on their 1st, 4th, and 8th victory. You can’t get more than three as they refresh every 24 hours. You can also earn Starr Drops from the Trophy Road, the Brawl Pass tiers, Challenges, and the Mega Pig & other events. Right now, the #100StarrDrops Community Event is going on and you can get Starr Drops from there as well.

Also, right now, a free Starr Drops is available for everyone that you can claim before 25 March 2024, check this tweet:

Starr Drops Rarity and Rewards

When players get Starr Drops, they can tap on it to upgrade its rarity. There are five rarities rare, super rare, epic, mythic, and legendary.

  • Rare: 50% chance
  • Super Rare: 28% chance
  • Epic: 15% chance
  • Mythic: 5% chance
  • Legendary: 2% chance

Speaking of Starr Drops rewards, when you get them, you can get various rewards including coins, power points, credits, bling, XP doublers, random skins/brawlers/pins/sprays/player icons/star powers/gadgets/hypercharges, etc. There are various rarities of getting rewards and how much you will get them, it depends on luck as well. You can get a max of 500 coins (9.49% possibility rate), 200 power points (18.99% possibility rate), 30 credits (3.31% possibility rate), random rare brawler (5.26% possibility rate), 50 bling (3.31% possibility rate), and much more. BTW, you can’t get mythic and legendary skins with Starr Drops!

Types of Star Drops

Hypercharge Star Drops:

You will get Hypercharge Star Drops when a Hypercharge brawler arrives. You can complete its quests to get the Hypercharge Star Drops as a reward. When you already have that Hypercharge, you will get the 1000 coins reward.

Ranked Star Drops:

Ranked Star Drops was introduced in February 2024. When players reach at Tiers II and III of their current rank, they get these exclusive ranked star drops. They will get seasonal skins/sprays, profile icons, bling, and more amazing rewards.

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